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        I had to chose my phone quickly, so I didn't get to read reviews (they didn't have the ones that I wanted, the ones I had looked up). I think I got mine in March/April. Can't really remember '-_- haha.


        It's better now with the T9 fixed, but it's annoying when I'm texting many people and the "read now or later" message pops up ever time. my old phone would just flash the notification in the upper status bar and the tone would go off. It's just surprising that a company like samsung would have such a problem when they had a nice phone before (I had the sgh a707). There's another problem I found regarding picture messages and it seems that if I have "auto receive" on, it fails to connect and get the picture. But if I don't it works perfectly. They need to work these bugs out fast.


        Seriously, just go into a verizon store, don't tell them you've already contacted someone, and see if someone is good enough to try to get the calendar and alarm working. Having worked retail, good customer service means someone will find someone to look at it, then look up the problem. It might take a while to find the right person so have patience and take a lot of deep breaths.

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          no the calendar and alarm features are NOT fixed by this update - trust me. when did you buy your phone? Many of my other posts state that a bad "batch" of cell phones were manufactured and marketed, distributed and sold for profit by "fake" Verizon retailers and "authorized" Verizon dealers and Verizon has neglected, refused and failed to issue refunds or issue BRAND NEW FULLY FUNCTIONING CELL PHONES to all consumer who are having the exact same issues! A verizon suit named David Hughes has denied, denied, denied that there are ANY problems with the Samsung Brightside and Verizon keeps pointing its finger at Samsung. Verizon wants to give consumers OLD USED RECONDITIONED SAMSUNG BRIGHTSIDES which are most likely part of the defective and flawed batch! File a complaint with the AG's office in your state. Good luck and keep us all posted.

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            the calendar and alarm features have never worked on my cell phone. look at all my threads regarding the samsung brightside. verizon denies there are any problems and refuses to give me a fully functioning NEW phone.


            keep me posted please - i need all the ammo I can get when I sue Verizon.

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              i've been to an authorized dealer and the calendar and alarm functions are not working. the store manager could not get alarm nor calendar to work. he believes a bad "batch" of these cell phones was mass produced, marketed and sold for profit to unsuspecting consumers and NOTHING is going to fix this except a brand new fully functioning phone NOT in the original batch of Samsung Brightsides!

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                I have had this phone for a few weeks and I have a couple of problems I wanted to see if anyone else had solved.


                1. I have a hard time hearing people when they speak to me and they have a hard time hearing me when I speak. I noticed that when I answer a call and activate the "whisper mode" it is better but I have to do that every time and I can't find a way to keep it active.


                2. The touchscreen is so sensitive that I found I was constantly calling people without knowing it. I have security feature on but it only takes a slight movement on the home screen to remove it. I have also found that I can totally secure it so that it can't make any outgoing calls or texts without unlocking it first with a code but this is a pain and time consuming if you use the phone a lot. I have taken to doing it when the phone is in my purse but I would rather not have to. However even going through the effort of securing it to avoid calling when I don't want to there is no option to stop it from connecting to the internet. You can pick it up to find that you have be connected to opera FOR HOURS!!!! Why not an option to stop the phone from connecting automatically.


                Any help would be appreciated. This is the only phone Verizon offers without a data plan except for a very primitive flip phone (much more primitive that the one I just replaced when it broke).

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                  I agree.  The touch screen is too sensitive.   I also have problems with the not staying off.   The security feature they say should cure the problem does not work.   I want out of my contract but there is nothing no one can do!   I am going to buy a month to month cell phone.  Verizon, if you want you phone back you will have to come and take it out of the wall where it is now stuck.

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                    I don't have the problem with connecting to the internet because I told them to remove the internet. This is the one thing I like better than AT&T because I can still send and receive picture messages (if you remove data from AT&T you can't send/receive multimedia).


                    I actually have a problem with the touch screen lagging, though that could be a phone problem too. How do you lock the phone from making calls? I do mostly texting and not much calling. I know about the lock key locking the display screen... Sometimes it tries to call voicemail by accident and I don't want to make any mistake calls.

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                      This is what Verizon told me, which did not work:


                      From the main screen tap Settings 

                      ·        Tap Phone Settings

                      ·        Tap  Security

                      ·        Enter Lock Code ???? displays, enter the 4 digit lock code ( default: last 4 digits of phone number ).

                      ·         Tap Edit Codes

                      ·         Select Phone Only

                      ·        Select Calls & Services

                      ·        Enter service lock code - ???? displays, enter the 4 digit lock code.

                      New Code ???? displays, enter the NEW desired code

                      Confirm Code - ???? displays, re-enter the NEW 4 digit lock code.

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                        Yep didn't work. What's the calls&services one even for?

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                          My daughter was having the same problem with the charging screen coming up, when its not plugged in.

                          they replaced the battery and didn't solve the problem,

                          now they are replacing the phone, after reading alllllll of the complaints, I hope the new phone works.

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