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    LG Spectrum Problem


      Have had a pretty good time with LG Spectrum till now.

      Phone randomly turns off then back on.

      Phone is also overheating .


      Except for newest software upgrade (which has not shown up on my phone yet) phone is updated.


      Have bought a new battery and using new battery in case this issue was a battery issue


      Anyone else having these problems?



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          So far. I have had no major glitches with my Spectrum, which I've had for about two months now. However, I notice that my extended battery tends to heat up a little. Doesn't seem to effect the phone. Since the phone itself does not heat up, I'm not going to worry about...yet. As for the phone itself turning itself on and off, this seems to be a common problem with a lot of the Droid phones. If you search for turning itself off, or on, you would find that almost all the Android (Google) phones have this problem. In most cases, it turns out to be a rogue apps. Check your downloaded apps. Not the pre-installed junk, but ones you actually wanted to download. One of them may be causing this problem since some of these apps love to stay on.

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            I have the exact same problem.  I called tech support. They think it may be an app I installed.  I am to bring it to a Verizon store so they can reset my phone to factory default.  Then if it's OK, I'll start adding back apps 1 at a time until it happens again.  Then presumably, I will have identified the offending app.  I am not optimistic.

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              Similar issues. They said network problems - will now not open Facebook - any tips on that?   Continually says no internet connection.  And Phone gets very hot.

              alsos takes forever to charge and is on charger all the time. Is this normal for Spectrum LG?

              I was told how great the phone is - have  not seen that yet.

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                This sounds like you have a bad battery. My battery gets warm, but does not effect the holding of the phone. I normally plug my phone into its charger before I go to bed and remove it when I wake up, normally around 6 to 7 hours. By the time I replug it, it normally is, on the average, at 48 per cent. I should mention that I do have the extended battery. This is with normal usage, a few phone calls lasting from 5 minutes to an hour. Surfing the net for about an hour; I have the Google Book and read for about 45 minutes. Email both sending and receiving is also done in a day's time. I don't play games and do use bluetooth when I'm driving. I do have one question, are you using the supplied charger or a charger you had from a previous phone, or a third party charger? If so, this may be the problem. If not, I'd look into getting a new battery.

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                  My phone was working beautifully until the last update I received this morning. My phone used to charge very quickly within an hour or two.  Today I had to have it plugged in the entire day.  When I finally left work and unplugged it was only at 78%.  My phone still says its charging even though it not plugged in at the moment. This last update did something.  The other problem is the phone got really hot while charging.  What's up! Can I roll back to the earlier release that worked better?

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                    You might try a factory reset. However, you usually can not roll back from an OS update.

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                      I am having email issues all of a sudden.  I set up my Yahoo email and started having authentication issues so I wanted to remove it..now when i try to update setting or delete i get Toke is Null and it doesn't delete....any suggestions?????

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                        I can't keep my Spectrum charged. I have to put it on the charger every day. Am so sorry i bought this phone.

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                          Turn off the sync and adjust the brightness dimmer. JuiceDefender is also helpful (not superb but helpful..). It will keep the battery last longer. By this way, I don't have to charge it twice a day. If you play games 2-3 hours per day on the phone, you shouldn't complain about this.

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