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    Question about Jetpack Data Usage.


      I was just wondering. I just purchased the newer Jetpack mobile hotspot to use at home and travel for my internet. Got it on Mon 4/30/12. I got it from a Verizon cooperate store that has a 14 day return policy if it doesn't work for your needs! I am using the device as I would normally use the DSL internet at the house, but am keeping an eye on the usage every day to make sure the data plan will work for me. I know the data usage info on the Jetpack it self is per session not a grand total, but was wondering if  every time I log into My Verizon if that is providing a real time update of data usage at log in time? Can someone answer? Just wondering. Thanks.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Mblowery,

          I know how important it is to keep track of your usage. I check mine all of the time! The usage amount is an estimate and can run 24-48 hours behind. You are able to check more than just your data usage. The estimate of your balance and/or minutes/messages/data used may not include usage outside your local calling area. In addition, billing for minutes used may vary, depending on your calling plan and whether any of the minutes used are included in a Nights and Weekends or Mobile-to-Mobile Calling allowance, or were made while roaming. Your next billing statement will detail actual usage.

          To receive a detailed estimate of your current usage, sign in to “My Verizon” and select “Usage Details” link located at the bottom of the “My Usage” section of your home page.

          If you would like to view the details of the unbilled calls, please click on the "View Call Details" link. You may also view the details of your messages (excludes content for privacy reasons) and data usage by clicking on the "View Messaging Details" or "View Data Details" link.

          I trust this information is helpful. Have a great day!

          Christina B
          VZW Support
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