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    Lost/Stolen List


      My Iphone 4s was lost on April 7th, I decided to keep it activated in case someone saw it ringing or what not. I would call the phone at least 10 times a day, and within 3 days of loosing the phone it  died so all of my calls were going straight to voicemail. The phone was off for over a week and then it began ringing again, meaning that someone had it and had charged it.


      I called Verizon to see if there was anything I could do, my Icloud was turned off so I wasn't able to use the Find my Phone app. They told me it would be put on the Lost/Stolen list? well what does this mean? If someone tries to activate it , the Verizon associate will confiscate it and return it to me?  Also, I told the woman with Verizon that I DID NOT want to deactivate my phone and she warned that any charges made would be billed to my account, I said that was fine since I has a passcode lock on my phone. Well after I ended my conversation with Verizon I tried calling my phone only to find that my  number doesn't work and if disconnected? 


      So basically does Verizon disconnect your number when putting your phone on the lost/stolen list? and will I get my phone back if someone tries to activate it?

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          VZW is not the stolen phone police. Placing the phone on the blacklist keeps the phone from ever being activated on their system and you getting hit with costs made by someone else.


          That is the end of VZW involvement.