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    Unlock iphone (any) for non-Verizon customers




      I read the forum about unlocking criteries:

      - be a customer for months

      - present good standing for past 60 days



      BUT: If..

      - I buy a device via emarket (like ebay)

      - There's no Verizon at my country

      what can I do?


      I won't go to US to become a Verizon customer for months, pay for a plan to get

      my iphone unlocked. This way not working.


      Is there any other way to unlock an iphone (or any other phone) ?


      In Europe, if you buy a phone with XXX network lock, and you go to the XXX provider's

      office, they unlock it. Of couse, they charge you about $100, but if you paid it, they are

      kindly unlock your device. You don't need to be a customer of XXX company.


      I ask this question, because I ran into one Verizon iPhone 4S, and currently I'm using it as a letterweight.

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          The policies are different for Verizon Wireless than what are the cellular phone policies in Europe.


          If you do not meet the qualifications set by Verizon Wireless, you cannot SIM unlock a Verizon Wireless iphone 4S or any other Verizon Wireless branded phone.

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            So in this case, I can do nothing (except use non-official solution).

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              So, perhaps return it to  its rightful owner or contact Apple to register a transfer, if applicable.  iPhones are registered with Apple to the owner and their system not only tracks ownership, but can also track its location if it is lost or stolen.  The policies in place with Verizon on right on, as they protect the owner of that phone!  So, if you have one that wasn't purchased via a legitimate channel you should take it back to wherever you got it from.  Sorry, but i think the policy is great since mine was stolen  yesterday.  I have tracked it, filed a police report, and am waiting for an officer to go to the home where it is located ... so, that person is in trouble unless they return it to the store where they swiped it.  Hope this helps.

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                Sorry to hear that. In your case, the policy is fine, to track stolen phones.

                I think Apple won't unlock it, because Apple in contract with providers, so unlocking

                Apple devices work in other way: provider must ask for unlock, no the customer/owner

                of iphones.

                The origin of device is fine, one of my company's customer (our customers are companies in US) provided that.