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    Downloading music from iTunes to my phone


      I was told by the salesman that I would be able to synch iTunes music to my phone. The instructions he gave me were not for downloading music. any suggestions?

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          Plug ur razr into ur computer and set up the motocast.It will prompt u to do it.Its easy.I did it the other night.It walks u through it.Then U have access to ur pictures and Itunes.U can just listen to them or download them to ur phone.

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            raider33 is right. it is very easy to set up. when you connect your razr to a computer it will install motocast. once this is installed on your computer the program will walk you through setup. at this point i believe you can disconnect your phone. after setup is completed motocast will search your computer for music, movies, photos, etc. and will pull music from itunes. when the sync is done you open your music app on the razr. at the bottom of the screen is a button that says my library. as long as your computer is connected to the internet you will be able to access the library on your phone. once in the library you can choose to stream music from the library or download it to the phone. (note that this will use large amounts of data unless you are on a wifi network).