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    LG Lucid Battery Issues???


      Have only had my Lucid 6 days and was NOT planning on getting it, but thought I would like it.  So far...I am planning on returning it since I am having issues with the battery.  I charged it over night last night and it was at 100%, unplugged the phone at 10:30AM, sent 4 short text messages and accessed FB for no more than 5 minutes, and the phone was at 22% by 7:20PM.


      Yesterday spoke with a Verizon Customer Service Rep. who said that she had just got her Mom the Lucid, so that she was familiar with it.  She had me turn off almost everything, including, the clock & weather that were on the display, the "live" background/screensavers that came on the phone, the screen display is for only 15 seconds, every possible "power saver" was made active, and more.


      I am about ready to return the phone, but thought first I would ask if anyone else is having problems.  Why do I want a phone with all of these 'wonderful' apps, if I can't use them?!     UGH!

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          There are several things you can do to save your battery.  If this is your first smart phone, you need to get used to it being a 'battery eater', as all smart phones are to some degree.


          Heres the link (it's the word 'download' at the very bottom of the page) to download the Lucid user's guide (see pages 22-23):



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            The reply by "jrh4054" is pretty darn accurate. Smart phones are indeed battery eaters. My LG Lucid is less than a month old and is my first Smart Phone. I found that the battery does indeed drain faster than the older phones, but I had to remember what kind of processing power is in use, not to mention all the time on the phone, getting used to it and its functions will also be draining on the battery. As I get more accustomed to the device, I find that I am opening it up less, since I am becoming more comfortable with it and its functions. I am also noticing that the battery is not draining as quickly since I am not keeping it open and jumping around the apps, figuring it all out. There should be some extended battery available soon as well, so if you are a hard core player on your phone, then you may want to consider that. Also, having a travel charger or car charger comes in handy as well. When I am working during the day, I use the USB connector to my PC and let it stay like that while I work. This ensures that I will have full power on the phone whenever I leave the computer. Same while driving. I hope this helps a bit too...

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              Thank You.  Yes, this is my "first SmartPhone", and I do have the complete Lucid manual already.  I will "TRY" to be patient...     lol


              Thanks for your response!

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                Hello sfitguy,

                First, thanks for replying.  Second, this is my first of this style, although my Blackberry is also considered a "SmartPhone"...definitely not to this degree.


                Your information truly helps me to understand more about this issue.   I agree with you, that while setting up my new phone, the battery life is being used more than I normally would use it, in the future.  I did check a few days ago, and Verizon offers an Extended Battery (+ cover) and I am probably going to purchase one.  And I will shop around for a cheaper one, although I'm hesitant on who I will shop from online.  I knew of safe stores for my BB; do you happen to use any online stores for your phone, other than Verizon?


                I especially like your comment about leaving the phone charging while I am on my computer.  Thank you!   I'm still unclear if I will keep this phone or return to my BB....which I was more than happy and comfortable with!!  Have a great week! 

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                  Because they can cause all kinds of problems, I would recommend against installing the so-called battery saving or app killing apps and antivirus apps.  For example, I installed apps like these and they ******* up my email client to the point where I couldn't send or receive email.  At the suggestion of VZW Customer Support, I downloaded K-9, which is an email client.  K-9 has lots of options and is much for flexible than the pre-installed email client.

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                    THANK YOU jrh4054!     I hadn't planned to add that to my phone, and now know that I definitely won't!
                    I plan to buy a car charger and possibly the 'extended battery', but for now, I am home most of my time, so I will learn how to manage my phone and the battery.


                    Thanks for your time.

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                      The LG Lucid has amazing battery management, especially because of Gingerbread.  I run mine with News, Social+, Weather Clock, Finance, and My Verizon Data always on and updating by the hour.  The problem you may be experiencing is that once this phone is full on battery, it swaps to battery power and does not revert back to the plug until unplugged and replugged.  I've noticed mine will run for 3 hrs on battery before I wake up.  I run WiFi and Data always on remember, with a live wallpaper.  Set your Display brightness to automatic.  This phone has lasted me up to 15 hrs before with moderate/heavy usage on games and downloads for about 5 hrs in the morning, and light moderate with Messaging and Music Player in the afternoon.  If the phone gets hot the battery will drain faster, its not a laptop with a cooling fan, make sure to let it rest and cool off everyso often.  The extended battery makes a beautiful phone clunky, and as jrh4054 mentioned, battery savers hurt.  believe it or not, this phone has its own Application Management Widget, which will allow a quick way to kill apps through the Operating System itself.  It works very well and kills them automatically after a certain amount of time.  As with any 4G phone other than the DROID RAZR MAXX, extended use and overheating will destroy battery life.  Hope this will help a little bit.  Best of luck!  dhaynie266

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                        If that doesnt help Konakid, i would chunk it off on a defective battery and look at getting the battery replaced.

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                          Hi dhaynie266,

                          Thank You for both of your replies!  The first battery that came with my new Lucid would not hold a charge at ALL.  I had it on the charger for over 24 hours and when I unplugged it, the first thing that showed was, "low battery - put on charger".  So Verizon replaced that one, and this one has been better than the first. However, mine doesn't even last while I am sleeping, and I prefer to keep it bedside, for emergency sake, but have to place it on the charger as soon as I wake up.  Today it took nearly all day long to get it charged to 100%.  I have now removed it from the charger, to take to my bedside table, but know that tomorrow I will have to repeat the steps of today, as soon as I awaken.


                          First... what is "Gingerbread"?  I do frequently use the factory-installed 'Apps Manager', to kill all apps.  But I only leave them open long enough to use them and then shut them off.


                          Second... when you say my phone may not switch from "battery power and does not revert back to the plug until unplugged and replugged".  Do you know how I can check this out on my phone?

                          I truly appreciate your comments, as I am still very unhappy with this new phone and had decided to go back to my Blackberry.  Perhaps with your help and then me talking to my sales rep., I will finally be able to enjoy this soon.

                          Thanks again!

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