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    protect cell insurance


      We're new to verizon and im sooo overwhelmed that i need help. My husband got two iphones last week. Chose a family plan and he was told Protect cell insurance was the best option ($129 for each phone, 1 year coverage - $150 deductible 1rst request $200 2nd request) This is supposed to cover everything, form lost, to stolen to water damage an so on.  I just had the time to check on his detailed receipt and noticed that it says Verizon extended coverage denied... he was never asked if he wanted this. What does this mean??? I know i have 30 days to cancel the protect cell insurance so i need to be sure of what im doing and im totally not !! what about manufacturers warranty?? I would really appreciate whatever help u guys can provide me with thank you so much!!

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          You should contact your Verizn store and have the error corrected. They normally are pretty easy to work with.

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            Hello Guidoet,


            The reason your receipt says that is because you didn’t buy the standard Verizon extended coverage through Asurion.  You purchased ProtectCell a third-party option that provides you more services with your plan at the same price.  The mobile services that are included in your plan are: ID Rescue Powered By LifeLock, Digital Leash mobile security, a device buyback program and a Rewards Mall. All of these services are included in your plan as well as handset protection which features a one year guarantee on all of our ProtectCell Certified Devices.


            If you have any questions about your plan (or if you just want to confirm you are a ProtectCell Member) please give us a call at 866-280-8635, email us – info@protectcell.com or you can find more info at www.protectcell.com


            Thank you,

            ProtectCell Customer Support

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              You're lucky. We were not given the choice not to purchase insurance, so we paid $260 to insure our 2 phones. Now mine has a cracked screen and I find out that $260 gives me the right to pay them $150 to have my phone fixed. I could have it fixed by a licensed apple tech for $80 at the local college campus. I was TOTALLY scammed by Verizon and the scammers at protectCell. Be thankful you kept your money in your pocket and Verizon didn't take it.