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    Droid Razr Maxx speaker issue?


      Yesterday, I missed several important phone calls.  After realizing my phone was not on silent and that I did not become deaf, I noticed no sounds that come out of the speaker on the back of the phone actually work.  No ringer, no notifications, no music, no alarm, nothing.....  I went to google and found at least 15 other people that had the same problem on other forums all after having their phone for less than a month.  They all said it ended up being a hardware issue and that they had to get replacement phones from Verizon.  The way to test if this was the same issue I had, they said to press the speaker or just below the speaker on the back of the device when it should be making a sound and it would start to work.  I did this and magically it makes sound again, but only when I'm holding my finger in that spot.


      However, my concern is that if I'm having this issue and clearly quite a few others are having the same issue, is this a design flaw that will continue to happen in the replacement phones?  I don't want to have to go through constant replacements of this phone and getting a new phone set up the way I need it, etc... over and over.  So, are others having the same issue?  And, if so, has Verizon and Motorola been made aware of the issue to try to find a fix for future devices?  Having a phone that actually rings is sort of important.

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          BammaGRL19 this sounds to be Getting a Big issue with the External Speaker an something needs to Done


          To look at the Speaker that's on the both Razr & Razr Maxx Click on the Blue thread Below.



          External Speaker Issue

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            I just started having the same issue, today on 5/9/12. I get no speaker output until I press lightly on the speaker, then it starts to work again. I have had occasions when I missed calls but I've had that happen with other phones and i thought it was a network issue. I have not dropped the phone.


            OK Motorola and Verizon, what do we do???

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              NorCalYaker  When did you Buy the Phone if I might Ask:  The Date  Why i ask SallyC bought her Razr in Nov. or Dec. Jim Bought his Maxx in January an i got my Maxx in February and So far knock on wood us three have Not seen this issue. Mine has this little Snap in the speaker but just every once in a While but has not completely Cut out...b33

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                12 year customer with Verizon here. Having the same problem with a month old Droid Razr Maxx. Push on the speaker and it works a little while, then stops again. There is an obvious connection problem and Verizon & Motorola are pretending to not be aware of it. Sent to Motorola with a description of the issue. They sent back stating that couldn't find a problem. Called Verizon. The only thing they are willing to do is send a refurbished phone. Infuriating! A 1 month old phone and they are going to send me an old refurb. Unacceptable.

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                  I just started having this problem with my Razr purchased in Feb. I have called Verizon to report and they want me to exchange this phone for a refurbished phone BUT (and its a big BUT) if they get my current phone and decide I must have caused the problem,,they will charge me 299.00. I can get the speaker to work by pressing on the case. I am having trouble deciding if I should keep my current phone, because in talks with tech support, it is obvious they are oblivious to the problem. I really don't want a refurbished phone that could have more problems, or risk them thinking I causes the problem and end up with a bill I can't afford. If I wait, will Motorola finally decide this is a design flaw and give us new phones, or am I dreaming?  I can live with this, but I am bugged when things don't work properly

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                    I too have been having an issue with the external speaker almost from the get - go. When I am using speakerphone, the speaker shorts out for a second even though the speakerphone light is still illuminated. The people on the other end must hear/no hear something as well as they always seem to start with "wait, can't hear you....etc." I hit the speakerphone icon twice (once off and then on again) and it seems to work until the next time. Very irritating.

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                      The same problem here, some days ago the external speaker stop working, today reading this formus, i realize that pressing the back of the phone make it sound for a while. Phone bouhgt on January 2012.


                      Two months ago i had the "other problem" of the audio jack sensor mentioned in other forums, the solution was a total reinstall of the opeating system that took a week on the provider.


                      I'm from Chile South America and i have bought it with Entel, i'm not sure if the guarantee is still working of if i can go directly with Verizon.




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                        If you Bought it With Insurance you should OK it will have that Listed on your Monthly Statements or you can Find if you go to My Verizon on the Website and Look at your Statement there..

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                          My 4 month old Razr just started doing the same. No sound out of the speaker. Headphone plugged into jack works fine. Remove headphone plug and no sound at all from the speaker. It would appear that this is happening to a lot of people and must be a defect in the radio. All verizon will do is trade for a refurb. That is NOT doing the right thing. They sold it and should stand behind it by replacing it with a NEW, not refurb, unit or upgraded unit. C'mon Verizon, do the right thing.

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