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    volume problem


      My phone's ringer display will not go away.  The pop up shows the volume at the highest level and will not allow me to change the volume to anything lower. How do I get the volume buttons to work properly again?

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          There's a setting to let you change it with the buttons and if you have it saying do not change with buttons

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi idid, I know that sometimes the need to silence the phone is what you want. In many cases, this has to be done quickly. Thanks to gina7239 for the input about the setting that allows you to change volume with or without the buttons. The steps are:

            Change with Buttons-make sure that setting is on.

            If it's already set to on, please complete a soft reset of the device. Just click on this link to get the steps for a soft reset. No worries, you will not lose your data. http://bit.ly/HkgdbZ

            I'm sure you will find this information helpful. Thanks and have a great day!

            Christina B
            VZW Support
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