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    If you continue to get messages from random vtext.com numbers...  Remove your simple nickname.


      This is just a tip for people who have received a bunch of texts from #phonenumber#@vtext.com


      I reveived stupid (and sometimes funny texts from different vtext.com numbers and today I finally figured out why.  It was my nickname.  I had a very simple nickname (I was an early adopter really).  What the nickname does is just adds another way to get texts easily.  instead of typing #myphonenumber@vtext.com, they could just send an email to ###@vtext.com.  The three characters being my nickname.  I have received over 500 texts or so over the years because of that nickname.  I removed it today and will probably not receive the same amount in the least.  If you too are receiving random texts from various numbers but all are from vtext.com, they are more than likely because you have a simple nickname and teenagers can't spell.


      On a side note: They are some times very funny: 


      "My results came back negative. I am clear! Whew! Thanks Everyone for your good thoughts and prayers."


      "Just dropped Jackie off 2 get spayded.she lookd sooo stressed."

      And the best...

      "You get me msg earlier? Ricks a narc yo. Need to handle r buznss"


      Maybe this will help someone else like it hopefully will me today.