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    Problems with Droid Razr


      I sent a couple of message to my e-mail from my phone. Shortly on after that night I got a thing on the top of my phone saying that there is 4 items waiting to upload and Remote device offline. I have no idea what this could possibly be. Everytime I push on it to open it, it just closes it and doesn't remove it from my phone. It is driving me nuts!!! Any ideas as to what it could be and how to get rid of it! Please Help!!!

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          To upload is the opposite of download. That is to say, it is something you are sending. It sounds like your messages never got sent. Check either your message center or your mail box, or both. You will probably see your messages there. Just resend them. If they don't go thru a second time, you might have the wrong address of the receiver.

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            I had this problem last week.  I discovered that it is the MOTOCAST feature.  I had downloaded MOTOCAST on my laptop for music.  Once I connected the phone to my computer with the USB cable, and opened MOTOCAST, the items were downloaded and the notification was removed. 

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              Hello Kelt11JR,

              Don’t let it drive you nut!!  (Smile)  I would love to assist.

              First, I’d like to thank the Community for the great feedback & suggestions!

              The notification is being generated by MotoCast.  The RAZR is detecting that there is something on the device to be uploaded to the remote device (e.g. PC), however the remote device (e.g. PC) is offline.  The message will not go away until the remote device becomes available.  To disable this notification:
              1. Make the remote device available (power it on with internet connection, etc)
              2. Disable MotoCast settings on the RAZR as follows:
              -Enter either My Gallery or My Music application
              -Press the Menu key
              -Select Settings
              -Select MotoCast settings
              -Select MotoCast auto upload settings
              -With the "MotoCast auto upload option, uncheck/deselect this option

              This will remove the notification.  Please let us know how this works out for you.


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                Thanks everyone for the feedback. Yes, I had downloaded Motocast onto our main computer. Our tower decided to go out on that computer and because my phone couldn't get anything from that computer, that is what made that thing show up on my phone. I got it to come off and hasn't been back since, I just got rid of everything that was on my phone from that computer. Thanks again everyone!!!