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    Droid Bionic - Yahoo email login error


      I have received a "like new" replacement for my Droid Bionic.  I am trying to add my Yahoo email account.  It was working fine on the old phone earlier today.  When I try to add the Yahoo account, I go to Setup accounts, there is an icon for Yahoo Mail.  I click on that, enter my user name and password, and click next. I get a screen that says "Adding your Yahoo Mail account. After a few seconds I get the message, "Error - Login to the account failed, please try again."  I have verified that the user name and password is correct by logging in via the browser on the phone.  As stated it worked fine on the other Bionic.

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          Try manually setting up the account by opening the email app and Menu / New Account / Other (Pop/Imap) and use the settings below...


          • Incoming Server – imap.mail.yahoo.com
          • Outgoing Server – smtp.mail.yahoo.com
          • Incoming Port – 993 (requires SSL)
          • Outgoing Port – 465 (requires SSL)
          • Username: full email address (your username @ yahoo domain .com) Example user@yshoo,com
          • Password: is the password you login to Yahoo! with the correct mail address.
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            I had the same issue..the pre-installed yahoo.mail DOES NOT WORK. You must go to market and download the yahoo mail app from there. Then enter your username (phone number) and password. It will activate from there.

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              NCO did you go with the Bionic or one of the Razr's i seen you Post an was wondering if you had Maid your choice..b33

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                Decided on the Bionic for two reasons..one, the battery can be removed. I was a little leery of a phone you cannot remove the battery from like the Razr. Two, Price. The Bionic had an on-line $50 discount bringing the price down to $99 as opposed to the $199 for the Razr. I love my new phone!! Have been playing with it all afternoon and this morning. No issues yet except my saved music did not transfer to my new phone from my old LG Ally. I only had about 20 songs that were stored on my device. All my other songs were on the cloud player and I have access to them on my new phone so no big deal. Will wait a few months and then buy the car dock. Ordered my screen protector, case and 16Gb Class 10 Micro SD card from Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. The case was recommended because apparently it fits in the car-dock without having to be removed...

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                  Well that's good here you got a new phone now.  Enjoy it all the way..b

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                    The stock Yahoo Mail app did work on the first Bionic. Never had any issues until I received the "like new" replacement.  I tried to switch back to the other Bionic and now it gives the same Login Error.

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                      I have three Yahoo accounts on my TB and havent had issues, was you able to manually configure the account or better yet can you log in on your desktop without issues?

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                        Apparently Verizon Wireless had been aware of this issue for the Driod Bionic for a long time. WHY do they not put out this information!! Everyone spends 30 min at least trying over and over again to open their Yahoo Mail account before calling only to find out they knew about the problem all along!! There should be an extra insert in the Bionic Box that states this problem and how to fix it. I also had issues with whether or not my Bionic came with an micro-sd card or not. The instructtions are not clear on this and I had to call Customer Service to verify that in fact my Bionic did not come with an sd card.

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                          Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!  I was having the same issue, followed your advice, and voila!!  It works!  I only wish I had seen your post last night after several hours of fooling around with it, but that's okay.  It works now and that's what matters.  Thanks again!! 

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