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    Update killed my Droid X - Bootloader Error


      Update was pushed to my phone by...????  Can't get a straight answer from Verizon or Motorola, but what I do know is the year old phone was in perfect working order before the update, now it is dead and I have to buy a new device.  From what I can tell, this has been happening since 2010 (see copy of another post below) to users.  That is the EXACT error I received on my Droid X last evening - over 2 years later.  Some are able to factory reset with help from the Verizon Store, most are not.  The question is how much liability does Motorola and/or Verizon have for pushing updates that are known to kill the device and force the user into a new purchase?  I have also heard there are rumblings of a class action lawsuit.






      Bootloader 30.04 Err a5,70,00,00,23

         elisa Citizen


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      Update just came up on phone I uploaded it. Now Droid X is not working




      Err A5,70,00,00,23


      Battery OK

      Ok to Program

      Connect USB

      Data Cable


      Please Help!!!

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