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    Droid will not turn on.


      Droid will not turn on. Reboots then turns off. USB plugged into computer...I get a white light. Help!!

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          DON'T do the DROID X update. It will brick your phone and Verizon will not help at all. (tech support & in store)  The reps kept telling me "sorry for the inconvenience" but you can upgrade your phone.   My point is simple: prior to update my phone worked; after the update it is a brick.  They still offered no support and told me to call Motorola.


          Motorola should take the phone back but will leave you without a phone.

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            Hard Resetting the device usually can resolve the device when a update fails..   Follow instructions from http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=33552


            Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)

            1. Power the device off.
              Note Press and hold the Power button then select Power off.
              Note If the device isn't responding to input, remove / replace the battery.
            2. Press and hold the Home key then power the device on.
              Note Press the Power button while holding Home.
              Home key
              Power button
            3. From the Android Recovery screen, press Volume Up / Down simultaneously.
            4. Press Volume Down to select wipe data / factory reset then press the Power button.
              wipe data / factory reset
            5. Press Volume Down to select Yes -- delete all user data then press the Power button.
              Note Reset process to may take approximately 1 minute.
              Yes -- delete all user data
            6. Using the Volume Down key, ensure reboot system now is selected then press the Power button.
              reboot system now
            7. Refer to Initial Activation and Setup.
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              Thanks for the response but if it was as easy as a factory reset I would have posted that.

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                I understand the nature of your problem and I experienced this issue with my device before and this has worked on a number of other users devices, the thing is they usually was worried because the device wouldn't bootup to get to the hard reset menu.  The method I posted usually works for situations like this.


                You reported the device bricked but If you are able to get into this menu I would then say the device isn't bricked and there is a possibility to bring it back..

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                  Right, I get that this is the standard factory reset procedure.  Using the technicians own words "oh it looks like your phone is dead".  It seems that this is a known issue at this point and Motorola is fixing it free of charge but be prepared to go without a phone for a few days.

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                    Ok, I understand your side but on the same note consider this doesn't mean that all devices will meet the same conclusion, my Droid X hasn't experienced any issue after the update and others have reported the same...  I understand not all has been so lucky.


                    Appreciate the update on your situation and I hope the replacement works out better for you...

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                      What happens when holding the Home button and Power button doesn't work? All I get is the "M" screen. I did a reset last night when it turned on for a bit, but now, nothing. It will not turn on at all!