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    anyone had problems with "gorilla glass" besides me?


      Has anyone besides me had a problem with the "gorilla glass?"

      It loos as though it was necessary to make a thin display cover in order to keep the device thin and it because necessary to use the more expensive corning product. HOWEVER.


      The Android Razr fell from a height of about two feet, onto my foot and bounced onto the floor. the glass shattered. gorilla glass? nice marketing ploy. When I brought it up to the service department Verizon said it was not their problem as the unit was two or three days beyond the bumper to bumper warantee and Motorola, almost impossible to understand the oversees agent, reading from a script, was unwilling to help me unless I paid them $150.00 ..


      I have a feeling that I am not alone here and that, some day, when it is too late, there will be a recall on these devices or a slap on the wrist to Motorola. Motorola went through some hard times about 25 years ago and made a remarkable turnaround through a series of moves. Now, I wonder what will be next with them.

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          gorrilla glass helps with scratches, not being dropped from 2 feet, "IF IT REALLY WAS ONLY 2 FT"???


          verizon customer service folks aren't necessarily the dumbest folks on the planet.


          "overseas customer service agent", every one i've talked to, since back in gte days, has been in the good old us of a.

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            I also have a droid razr and the screen cracked in two after falling 2 1/2 feet unto a laminate floor in my house.  It was marketed as protection from normal drops.  I do not know one person who has never dropped a cell phone.  This phone can not take everday wear and tear.  Look at other posts and reviews.

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              i have a razr maxx that currently has a scratch on it.gorrilla glass and all.i think i'll call customer service.

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                I had my DX for about 18 months - not a single scratch on it ..  Then again I never dropped it from 2+ feet onto a hard surface. I think I dropped it from my arm chair once or thrice, but onto a carpetted surface ...  It was very robust for me ..  So far so good with my Razr Maxx as well ...  I dropped it a few inches when poicking it up one time onto a table ... no breakage ... knock on wood.

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                  i just got off the phone with customer service and they they say they are not responsible  for the scratch ,yet thet have it on the site being scratch proof.but it is fully functional, also he is trying to say i only have a one year warranty? last i checked if i have ins on my phone it's covered under a 2 year warranty.

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                    I have stuff in another thread about this as well.  I had my screen break, without it being dropped....ever.  I was taking a picture and the screen cracked vertically from top to bottom.  When I took it to a store for examination (I wanted to know what happened), it cracked again horizontally right there in the store while the rep was watching.  I called Verizon, no help, called Motorola, no help, insurance company and got the phone replaced.


                    Then another poster on this forum suggested I contact Corning.  Initially, they gave me the canned response that the glass was tough, but it would break under enough stress.  This was exactly what I expected.  Then, surprisingly, they contacted me again and wanted to examine the phone.  OK, I would have loved to have gotten that note a few days ago, but I had to return the phone to the insurance company to avoid a huge payment.


                    So, if one of you that has a broken screen still has the phone, contact Corning.  I used the URL:  http://www.corninggorillaglass.com/ and clicked on the 'contact us' link at the bottom.  It was a few hours until the first non-committal response.  I replied to that one and then I got a real person that sent me a mail.


                    At the very least, they seem to be taking us seriously.

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                      Meanwhile, I recommend we expand our complaining by posting everywhere we can think of about this.  For example, I've posted on some forums, blogs and Amazon.com.  If the word gets around and some of the news sites pick it up, it'll go viral and Motorola will NOT be able to ignore us anymore.  Verizon doesn't want the bad publicity of an extremely fragile phone ricocheting all over the internet.  Especially the RAZR MAXX, the battery life and capabilities of this phone are awesome and a shortcoming like this could kill it.


                      The internet can help us if we let it.

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                        I had a couple of those butt pucker moments too Cody the edges of the Maxx can be Slick an when you think you Got it Boom it Goes out of your Hand's As soon as I can i want to get me a Body Glove Case they have them Now at the android Central Store.com for $23.99 or $29.99 an Verizon might have them in stock as Well. I really liked using it with my Incredible.. b33  

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                          It is added protection...  It doesn't mean it will not break or get scratches... just reduce the chances...  Also it depends how the cell phone lands as well. 

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