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    Verizon Home Phone Connect Issue


      After 10 months of having the Verizon Home Phone Connect in my home the system stopped allowing calls to come into our home phone (menaing the home phone does not ring) and instead directs the calls into Verizon voice mail.  What is worst is the voice mail indicator on the VHPC system does not flash to indicate that we have a Verizon voice mail message and in addition when the handset on the home phone when picked up and the talk buttom is pressed does it give us the two immediate beeps which would also let us know a message was waiting.  This is very frustrating; key calls are being missed.  I have worked with the Verizon Tech Services a couple of times but to no avail.  I even received another remanufactured VHPC sent after I complained about the first unit and this unit only worked correctly for half a day then we received calls from friends on our cell phones to tell us that they left messages for us on the VHPC and wanted to know why we did not get back to them.  In reality our VHPC system did not allow our home phone to ring nor did the indicator light flash to tell us we had voice messages in the Verizon mail box. 

      I truely believe that the Verizon Tech Services do not know what to do to fix this issue.  In my calls to the Tech Services I remind them that the VHPC system worked great for the first 10 months and we have changed nothing since the inital set up of VHPC.  I have humored the Tech Services by pressing *73 to cancel call forwarding which we never activated for any of the numbers in our phone book.  I have pressed *228 many times and have gone back through the voice mail commands to ensure that the voice mail indcator was not accidentally turned off which we did not do in the first place.  The Techs are just struggling to really identify the issue.  I remind them each time I call that I know how to read the manual to activate functions and I did not deactivate any of them. 

      Now here is the catcher which I tell the Tech in advance that any time I do any * function on the when a problem exists the system then allows calls to come in via the phone rings and if messages were previosuly left in the Verizon voice mail the indicator light on the VHPC starts to blink and when the hand set is picked up and talk is pressed we hear the beeps telling us that we have messages waiting to be picked up.    Once Tech Services hear this they then say they will call the VHPC and when their call comes through because of what I have just explained would happen; they say it looks like the issue is fixed.  Again not really listening to what I have previously explained to them what keeps happening.  You can tell by this 'rant'  I have had it.  There must be a Verizon Tech that can do something to fix this issue; even in the Verizon forums other are having similar issue with calls going right into Verizon voice mail and their home phone does not ring.  Okay Verizon Techs HELP!!!!!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi missedcalls:

          I really appreciate the level of detail that you have gone into regarding your issue. Based on your information posted, I can safely say that your issue is not equipment-related. Something is going on with the Voicemail Indicator. There is a function of the voicemail system that "pushes" voicemail notifications to you, and that function isn't working. I can check your provisioning in our switch for this (maybe even set you up with new mailbox which could also fix the issue if you don't have any important voicemails in there).  The *73 was actually a good idea (just in case).

          I have followed you, could you follow me back ( MikeS_VZW ) and send me a Direct Message with your VHPC number? I'd be happy to help ensure a resolution for you.


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            Hi MikeS,




            My VHPC number is <personal information deleted per TOS> and it would be great if the issues I have been experiencing could be fixed.




            Just so you are aware after reading some of the other VZW community advice after I placed my issue on the forum I tried one where it directs you to press *920 and *720 on the phone and this seemed to worked only for most of the day Sunday.  I say most of the day because later that night I went into Verizon vm and discovered there was a vm left early that night yet the indicator light did not blink on the VHPC nor did the phone ring when the call was originally trying to come in.  Also when I pressed ‘talk’ on the handset I did not hear the two confirmation tones which would also tell me that we had a message left for us. 




            So starting this morning I pressed *920 again and we have received several calls today that came through also I checked Verizon vm to ensure no messages were left which we weren’t aware of and there were none.


            Now this probably means nothing and what I tried seemed to work so far but I was desperate.  I am leaving on a trip for a couple of weeks starting early Tuesday morning and wanted to try something that my wife could do to the phone each day to try to ensure calls come through (meaning the phone rings and if a vm was left on Verizon the light would blink and a confirmation tone would be heard), she does not do well trying to handle technical issues on her own.  Basically after tonight I will not be able to deal with any phone issues until I return.




            Oh and one more thing, sorry to go on and on but I did have a telephone line connect into the VHPC second jack which then was connected to a wall jack to handle the upstairs phone.  Now the house jacks are strictly internal and all external line have been disconnect on the outside box since the cancel my previous provider.  Now by all the I understand this connection should not create an issue yet when I tried to explain this connection for the second phone the Verizon Tech told me that I must disconnect the second line from the VHPC to the wall jack because that was the issue.  I tried to explain to them that this was only for internal jacks in the house and the wire which did feed from the outside box from the previous provider to the house jacks was disconnected which I verified and that I could see no reason why I couldn’t use my internal house jacks for the upstairs phone… But finally I gave up and disconnected the upstairs phone feed from the VHPC.




            It would be very helpful if the issue can be correct we did have 10 months of great service on the initial VHPC and would be disappointed if we had to drop Verizon because of the issue.




            Regards, Tim


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