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    No Activation Guide?


      I was not mailed an activation guide with my new Samsung Illusion phone. I must have completely messed it up because now I can't use either of my phones to call anyone, even customer support. I don't have a land line. I need some SERIOUS HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!

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          Also, I can't activate my new phone online or by phone. I am so frustrated right now.

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            I'm sure I did this all backwards. I called customer support from my old phone, hoping to talk to someone about the activation process. I was prompted saying that a new phone had been sent to me, and would I like to activate it. Then I was told to dial *228 and select option 1 on my new phone, but I can't do that! It won't let me! What do I do??? Can I back track at all?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello Emily_V,

              I'm sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing while attempting to activate your new phone. Did you power off your previous phone before you dialed *228, option 1 on your new phone? Are you receiving a specific error message on the new phone? If you are unable to use either handset, we do recommend contacting 800-922-0204 from an alternate line. Is it possible you could borrow a friend or family member's phone?


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                Yepper, old phone MUST be powered down before trying this

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                  Problem solved.
                  You see, I just moved about 6 months ago to pretty much the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. After talking to tech support, it turns out I'm in an extended service area and had to drive an hour away to be in range of Verizon cell towers... just to activate my phone! Huh... who knew?


                  By the way, the new phone is nice. Still getting use to it, but I like it. Thanks for the help!

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                    I wonder if you ended up in the area of Wisconsin that has Element Mobile for the partner carrier with Verizon Wireless.

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                      That's exactly what it was! When I tried to activate from where I live, the automated message said, "Welcome to Element Mobile" ...blah blah blah. And then, "We are unable to program your phone at this time."


                      I've never had a problem USING a phone here, and this new one works just fine as well. It was just the activation that wouldn't work. Man, that was such a nightmare! Glad it's been resolved.