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    iphone stolen


      i recently had my house broken into and they took my phone trying to find out how much it cost to replace?

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          Did you call and suspend the service on the phone? Hope so


          Now, did you add ins when you purchased the phone? If so,you need to call or contact whomever the insurance is through.


          If you do not have any insurance, you will have to pay full retail for a new phone, or get a used one off EBay, or activate an old phone untilyoucompleteyour contract

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello ccervantes,

            I understand how inconvenient it is to have your phone lost or stolen. We recommend reporting the device stolen and suspending the service as soon as possible. You can reach customer service directly at 800-922-0204.

            If you have insurance, it is a great option for this circumstance. As an additional option you could upgrade or check to see if an alternate line is eligible.

            If you don't have insurance and aren't eligible to upgrade, we have a great Certified Pre-Owned program.


            I hope this information is helpful.


            VZW Support
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