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    HTC Merge:  Unable to update Kindle App from 1.0.x to 3.5.1


      Phone is a stock HTC Merge (ADR6325) running Android 2.2 (Froyo).


      I purchased this phone from a VZW authorized retailer just before Thanksgiving, 2011.  Have had no problems with it until recently.


      The phone came pre-installed with the Kindle application version, which I had set to auto-update.  It has apparently never done so, because two days ago it requested that I do a manual update of the app to version 3.5.1.  After I download the app and it tries to install, I get an error: "Package file was not signed correctly.  Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again."


      The problem is that I cannot uninstall the app because it was preinstalled on the phone and thus part of the ROM for the device.  I have tried clearing the data and the cache for both the Play Store and the Kindle app (both separately and together), and the app still refuses to update.


      Short of taking it to the VZW store I got it from or doing anything illegal/warranty-voiding to it, what other options would I have to update the app?  It's an app I use very frequently and would like to get the new features provided in the newer version(s).