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    Connection error when trying to sync Exchange using office Wi-Fi


      I have a user with a Droid X (software version 2.3.3) phone who cannot sync his Exchange e-mail account to the Droid X when using the office Wi-Fi network. I have another user using an IPhone 4 who does not have any problem syncing Exchange using the office Wi-Fi network.


      As this issue was just realized today, the user doesn't know if he is in another location using another Wi-Fi network if the Exchange sync is successful or not.


      The error message received is "Connection Error". If I switch the phone over to the 3G network the Exchange sync works just fine. From either Wi-Fi or 3G I can access the Internet from the Droid X.


      The office Wi-Fi network is comprised of two Linksys routers, the connection issue occurs when using either router. One is a Linksys E2000 and the other is E4200v2. Our server uses Exchange 2003 R2.


      I have checked the user's Active Directory settings and all options I am aware of are that need to be enabled are enabled. And as previously stated, Exchange syncs fine using the 3G network. I have also checked the Corporate Sync settings when receiving the connection error and they are correct. I also tried removing the "Use Secure Connection" option under the Corporate Sync Settings and that didn't make any difference.


      A search of the general Internet seems to indicate this as an issue others are experiencing. I tried searching this user community and I didn't find anything specific to this particular issue.


      If anyone has any suggested solutions it would be appreciated.

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          To add to my thread, our office also uses Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablets (software version 3.2) and those tablets do not sync with Exchange when connected to the office Wi-Fi network either. Though the tablets do not generate a connection error as the Droid X phone does and the e-mail appears to sync correctly but no new e-mail is deposited onto the tablet. The only way to receive the most recent e-mail on the tablet is to switch over to the 4G network.

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            To further add to this thread, the IPhone does appear to have connection issues when using the office Wi-Fi and attempting to sync with Exchange. They apparently are not as often as with the Droid X, and sometimes the IPhone will synchronize, but connection issues do occur. Again, when the IPhone is switched over to the 3G network, the synchronization happens without issue.


            And to add to our network information, the two wireless routers are not connected to the Exchange Server or any other network device. They are connected directly from the patch panel to ports on the the firewall so I do not believe any filtering device is blocking the synchronization.