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    Mislead by CSR!!


      We were in a Verizon store on Feb 21st because of issues with my phone being tethered.  The manager agreed to credit my account and switch tethering to my wife's phone.  We've been customers for about six years and have unlimited plans.  She added unlimited tethering to my wife's phone and we went home. On April 3rd she got a text warning her that she was at 50% of her usage so I logged on to my account to see what was happening.  She'd been switched to a 6GB plan for 20.00 more a month.  I called Verizon right away and spoke to customer service.  He looked at my account and said that he see what happned and that he'd submit a request to have her switched back.  He said he call me on Good Friday to let me know that everything was fixed.  I also went to the Verizon store and spoke to the manager who made the mistake.  She agreed with the CSR that they'd have to switch it back because she made the error. I called CS late Friday after not hearing from him and spoke to a lady who reviewed everything and said not to worry, they'd have it fixed by Monday and call me then.  So today (Tuesday) after not hearing from Verizon again I called for the 3rd time.  This guy was the worst of the bunch.  He said they hadn't even started to review my request.  I asked for a way to contact the department and he said (get this) they don't have phones.  Only email.  I asked how anyone working for a phone company wouldn't have phones.  He said that there was absolutely no way to contact them. After bantering back and forth I asked to speak to a supervisor so I could let my feelings known how poor the customer service was and that Verizon's system for fixing their errors was horrible.  He put me on hold for ten minutes and then came back and said that the supervisor wouldn't talk to me.  In addition he said my request was denied because even though a Verizon Manager made an unauthorized change to my account I failed to respond within 14 days from the time I got an email.  I became pretty upset.  I pointed out that their error is what caused it and that because I missed an email shouldn't change the fact that they ******* up.  The guy was worthless after that.  I even pointed out how silly it was-that if I sent Verizon an email saying that I wasn't going to pay my bill and they didn't respond for fourteen days does that mean I get what I want?  They must be very desperate to get people off their unlimited plans because they will lose an account with three smartphones and a regular phone that's been a loyal customer for six years.  Why'd they chase me away without fixing an error they made is beyond me.  Any suggestions for getting a resolution?


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          Sorry man, its gone forever. Rep at the store didn't know what they were doing.

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            Call back, be nice. explain the problem.. i'm guessing by the tone in your post here you are the "I'MA YELL REALLY LOUD TILL YOU DO WHAT I SAY!!!" type of person, those people don't get rules bent for them

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              I won't lie, I did become angry after the 3rd CSR told me they wouldn't fix their screwup. However I was very nice in all my dealings with them previously. I was truly caught off guard by Verizon's bravado. We ******* up but too bad. I guess it's a numbers game and they can afford to lose a few......

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                I can remember working with the Online Banking team with a large midwestern banking institution and having customer demand phone numbers to departments that did not allow inbound calls from customers and would only call out to a customer if the department needed to speak with them. This is an important thing to remember, which is especially hard if you have never held a position in any type of inbound customer service. Sometimes, a department does not allow transfers to be made into their line with a customer. This is likely what the representative was trying to say.

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                  That's probably true. I guess it was frustrating that they put a person in between the customer and the person that could correct their mistake. It seems simple to me that we signed up for a two year contract for unlimited data and that they could switch things and we suffer. That's almost 500.00 over the life of the contract. It would be nice to speak to one person and have them see what happened and correct it. Instead they pass it on to another anonymous department and I'm stuck.

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                    Remember, also, though, that they are likely in a similar position to you. While I have had the stray bad representative talk with me about a particular issue, most of the time, my experience has been with reps who genuinely appear as if they want to resolve my problem. From my experiences in customer care, I know that these people are stifled and feel stifled or at the mercy of someone else, much like you do in this matter. If there was an error, though, they should be able to correct it or offer accommodations in another manner.