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    iphone 4s voicemail issues


      I got the 16GB iPhone 4s a couple of weeks ago, but my voicemail isn't working.

      When I dial *86 for voice mail, it asks for the 10 digit mailbox number of the person you are calling (or if you have a mailbox on this line, enter that mailbox number). I've tried my phone number, but that doesn't work.

      When I was first activating it, I think I might have declined the visual voice mail without thinking. I now understand that the visual voice mail is required (right, ?). Is there any way I can remedy this problem? Thanks!

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          Basically the easiest way to set up voicemail is to go tap phone then there's a tab for voicemail. When your into voicemail there's a spot for a password and greeting so you can choose per made greeting or your own. You don't have to dial anything if you want to use visual voicemail.


          You  can also call your phone number and # to do the voicemail. You would only need to do that if you don't want the free visual voicemail feature of the phone.

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            When I go to the voicemail tab, it appears that it is set up. However, when someone calls and is going to leave a voicemail, it asks them for the 10 digit voice mail box of the person they are calling. How can I activate(?) the voicemail so people can leave me messages if I miss a call?

            Thanks for your help!

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              I had the exact same problem, had purchased my new iPhone about a month about a month ago and had not used or tried the voicemail.  When I did push the voicemail icon the phone began to dial out and the Verizon message system asked me to input a mailbox number.  In three phone calls to Verizon support I did end up speaking to Brian in their second or third tier of support.  He discovered the problem to be on their end, rather than on my phone, and instantly corrected their setup for my phone number.  When this was corrected I pushed the voicemail icon and then saw the voicemail setup screen on my display for the first time.  After entering my selected password I saw the visual voicemail screen and could receive the test voicemail that he left for me.  Although it took three phone calls to reach the person who could correct the problem I'm more than satisfied since the problem is corrected and I don't have to return the phone for repair.


              FYI I love this phone, my prior Verizon phone was the very basic Nokia that I had for over 6 years -- and I'm only sorry that I didn't get a smartphone many years ago.

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                  I am sorry i might not be helping  but If the voice mail is a problem teen it the network. A few weeks ago the voicemail wasent working after I set it up took hours to get a voice or acknolege i missed a call. Verizon blamed it on apple because the visual voicemail is apples not the one you would have on android phones. I guess sometimes the network for voicemail isent working. It is known to have issues but Im not sure who you have to talk to.

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                    Thanks everyone for the help! I went by a Verizon store today and they just dialed *73 from my phone and now my voicemail works.

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                      I am having similar problems.  I'm trying to access my voicemail remotely with SKYPE, and so I call my number and get a "voice management system" that gives me option to enter the # of the person I want to leave a voicemail for, or to push "pound" for my own mailbox.  When I hit #, it says enter my mailbox number.  Neither my phone # nor my password are accepted for that, it says it's invalid.  I call Verizon and she tried calling it and says for her, it just asks for my password (not my mailbox #).  When I call voicemail (press and hold 1, or *86) from my iphone, I have the same issue.  I tried *73, nothing happened.  Do you think this is a SKYPE thing or is there something else going on and if so -- what to do!  Argg.

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                        Thanks much for the *73 tip. My voice mail quit working today after loading an OS software update. I have not been able to get my voice mail to work until I tried that and I also get notifications now which wasn't working before.

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                          I too have an iPhone 4S where Visual Voicemail has never worked.  VzW tech support has been great, and tried a great many things but with no joy.  VzW is sending a replacement iPhone to see if that fixes the VM issue, but the problem there is that the replacement phone is "LIKE-new",... NOT brand new.


                          Very unhappy with that.