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    Temporarily Change Data Plan


      I am going to need to use my phone for a lot of data in a few days. Does anyone know if it's possible to temporarily (for the currently billing cycle) upgrade my data plan, get charged for the new plan, and then change it back before the next billing cycle begins? If so, how can I do it to make sure it's only affects one billing cycle?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello ifishbein! Yes, you should be able to change your data plan to increase allowance for the current billing cycle, and then return to the plan you used to have at the start of the next cycle. Some restrictions apply, but I can certainly help to confirm your ability to do so! If you're interested, please "Follow" my handle by searching for Dion M in the forum's People search tool. When you find me, select Follow. When I get your request, I'll send you a Direct Message requesting your account info. Thanks!

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