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    HTC Thunderbolt continuously drops all data.


      So I paid early termination fees with T-Mobile and switched to Verizon (cost me almost 800 bucks in the end).  So at the advice of some co-workers, I chose the thunderbolt. I am now waiting on the third thunderbolt, I have doubts.  I have read online on many blogs, that this is a known issue.  My discussion with a tier 2 today named Amanda, was very one sided but she did inform me that this is a known-bug with HTC Thunderbolts.  So it seems 100% acceptable to Verizon for me to have this smartphone and hefty bill and not able to use the phone for more than well a phone.  There's supposed to be an update heading to our phones initiated on the the 5th of April.  I have my doubts.  This phone has been out quite some time, I don't understand how it's ok for it to have so many problems.

      I guess I will keep swapping them out with Verizon until I get one that works or they wake up. 

      I am not sure what to do with my phone for the next three days.


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          As nice as this thing is, it's quickly becoming the worst phone I have ever had.  They should not have even sold these.  It was out for a long time, I bought mine in November 2011, I normally research this stuff better.  I am starting to wish they would just swap me to a device that can actually sustain a network connection.

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            The thunderbolt is he worst phone I have had ever. I will not.be buying another HTC phone. Anyway I have had this phone for a year now and I guess I have just gotten used to plugging.it in every time I get a chance, random reboots and using airplane mode on and off multiple times a day to keep the data connection working. Maybe you will get used to all the problems too and when your two years are up you can flush the thunderbolt like I am going to do as soon as my contract is up.

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              have you tried getting a new sim card this fixed my data problems

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                I guess I have been a lucky one, the only major issue I have had with device has been that I had to charging port stop working..  Other than that the device has been good.


                I bought the extended battery and has not worried about up time..


                Sorry to hear you have had so much issues..

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                  Happy Saturday All!

                  I've had my phone since Jan/Feb. It worked fine until early June. All of a sudden my 4G connection would drop to no connection at all. I've had my phone switched twice. I've been in the store and the tech watched the connection drop repeatedly. Now my connection will drop and not return for up to 10-15 minutes. It didn't matter where I am. I live in the SF Valley of So. CA. I work in So. LA and travel all over Los Angeles. Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day on the beach in Malibu. My phone has dropped connection in all of these areas. An escalated trouble ticket was created and I was told I was the only one having these problems. I was told that engineering said it was the fact I live in the valley; mountains, the dam that is across the street from my house, and high trees are in the way of the towers. Again, I'm all over Los Angeles so this isn't a location problem. I was asked to talk to my coworkers who are on 4G through Verizon to see if they're having a problem - they're not!


                  I just worked with TS and they had me place my phone in safe mode; which disabled all of my apps that I use regularly. Their conclusion is that my apps are the problem. How can you tell if its the app because it was disabled. They're thinking is that I was able to connect to the internet so its the apps. Again, I had apps prior to this problem. I was advised to uninstall all apps and reinstall them one at a time to find the problem. Once I determine which app is the problem I am to contact that company. I'm using very popular, mainstream apps. Really?


                  At the end of our conversation I was told that there is another ticket that was created today so in actuality I'm not the only one with this problem. Is anyone having a problem similar to mine? If so, what have you done to rectify the problem?



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                    I can tell you this by experiance now....  I have been seeing the 4G data dropping issue recently and I can say this "Do Not Keep Getting Replacement Devices" because it seems that when you activate the new device the issue takes longer to resolve.. 


                    I got a replacement device once and as soon as I notice that the replacement had the same issue I came to conclusion it wasnt the device, I basically called CS until they was able idnetified the issue, after I week of calling every few days I final got someone to resolve my dropping issue.


                    Normally I didnt have any issue with data until recently and this verified even more that the issue isnt the device....   Stop replacing that device because it isnt the problem.


                    Wish you luck on solutiion because it took me a week.

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                      wat was the problem?

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                        I seem to have talked to soon, I experienced dropped data again today..  I have changes SIM, phone and reset the device so many times that the device clearly isn't the issue.

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                          Similar issue and similar timeframe: sometime in May/early June was the beginning. When it happens, the 4G/LTE indicator goes away, leaving just the signal bars and the location service indicator. All data connections fail, but the applications don't seem to know that there's no data connection -- they time out connection attempts instead of immdiately reporting problems as they do when "Airplane Mode" is on. After some time (usually 15-45 seconds, but can be several minutes) it comes back and signs back into the data network normally. It does NOT fall back to 3G/1x. Phone connectivity seem to still work, but I've not tested whether call initiation works during this, only that I don't ever get a call dropped during periods when this is happening often. Elsewhere has suggested that there is a problem with what the phone does when looking for remembered wifi locations, but I have not tested this either. Sometime when I experience this, I'll try turning wifi off and see if LTE stays up like it should. (Anyone with more gumption should feel free to try it and append to the thread with their findings.)

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