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    MTP Device Driver not loading - getting angry now.




      Lenovo 3.2GHz PC

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit w/ SP1

      Droid System Version: 6.12.173.XT91.2

      Android Version: 2.3.6


      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers, Motohelper, MotoCAST, driver updating, EVERYTHING that has been recommended so far online. I have also set the USB to Debugging on the phone, and juggled the settings between PC and USB Mass Storage. I will on very rare occasion get access to a drive on the phone so I can transfer a few songs or a picture, but aside from that I cannot access them regularly, and each unplug of the phone loses the ability to reconnect properly. I AM NOT SETTING UP THIS PIECE OF JUNK FOR "CLOUD" ACCESS!!! IS THIS UNDERSTOOD?!?!?! I want access to my phone PRIVATELY and WITHOUT UPLOADING ANYTHING, ANYWHERE. This means being able to use the USB cable AS IT WAS INTENDED.


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          Firstly I'd take a step back and breathe a little...secondly I might point out that the vast majority of support on these forums comes from fellow owner/users. I would act with a bit more respect.
          Everyone gets frustrated, that's for sure.


          Now, you don't need anything special loaded to access the phone as a USB storage device.
          With the phone connected go to Device Manager and see if there are any Yellow Exclamation's on any of the devices?

          Do you have a multi-card reader on your computer? Could conceivably cause a drive letter assignment issue.

          Give us some details and maybe we can help.