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    Stratosphere LCD Issues!!!


      I got the Stratosphere in November, it was working well, then one day I opened it up and the screen faded.  I think there was a crack in the LCD, although the glass itself was perfectly fine.   They thought it would be covered under warranty,  however, now I see a HUGE charge $300+ which must be for this, although I haven't figured out online how to see this.    I have the new phone now, (about a month) and I already see lines in the LCD!!!!! I am loosing it!    My last phone lasted 5 years (at least) my phone before that was still working fine after 4 years!!!! I am not one to break phones!!! However, they must be useable as PHONES!!!! These seem to break easily.  My new phone is in 2 cases!!! I have a rubberized case and then i have a velcro pouch that I can wear on a belt.  HOW can it be breaking???   I just don't know what to do.  I need this for lots of things, but if I can't use if what good is it???

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          Hello joyceb! I can just feel the anguish you must be experiencing. I'm very sorry that you're having trouble with your Stratosphere. I think it would be best to review your bill to see what the charge of $300.00  was for, and then to discuss your options for the phone you have now. Please send me a Direct Message through this forum with your first and last name and your mobile number. Search my forum handle (Dion M) and request to follow. Thanks!

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            grrr.  Its not easy to communicate with you!  I followed you, then you accepted, but I still couldn't send a Direct Message, so I was trying to figure out why, and ended up unfollowing.    I'll try later.

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              Hello DionM,  When I hover over your name, Direct message is not showing, it still shows Private.   I found my old number from when I was with Verizon before - don't remember when it started, but it ended around 1/28/07 when I switched to Sprint.  Verizon did not work well where I had moved to, but does again, so I had switched back.   I had the same sprint phone until last Nov/Dec when I got the Stratosphere (4 years 10 months!)  .    My old Verizon# was xxx-xxx-xxxx.   That number is obviously someone elses now, but that is what it was until early 07.     I'm still extremely disappointed, that they charge $300 for a new phone, especially since I kept the back, battery, Sim, and a data card from the original, and they still have the parts from the other one.  A charge is one thing, $300 is outrageous and the Customer Service reps I spoke with said it sounded like it would be covered under Warranty unless it looked like it had been smashed about.  Obviously they don't want to deal with annoyed customers.... 


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                I've had the same problem with my Stratosphere.  I didn't drop it or mishandle it in anyway.  Today it rang and when I went to answer it the screen was black and won't turn on.  There is no damage to the outside screen, but under it the LCD is cracked.  Neither Verizon or Samsung will do anything about it even though this seems to be a common problem.  I would not recommend anyone buy this phone.

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                  My husband just had this happen to his Stratosphere it suddenly had one crack and then two and as we look at it now there are 3.  We purchased the phone in January and it is now March.  The phone has not been dropped or anything but of course it is a damage issue and it is his fault.  I would love to trade this phone in for something else because there seems to be a problem.  I got him the phone as a gift but now I wish I'd just let him keep his old flip phone.  Is there anything that can be done since it seems to be a common problem? Also we are now out of $100 to replace it but fear something else might happen.