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    Verizon Navigator


      I received a text from Verizon which said that Navigator was included in my service plan.  I have a basic service plan ($10 per month added to my phone charge).  Can anyone tell me what the real cost of using Navigator would be?  When I go to download it, it gives me prices including a $9.99 a month charge.  I feel that if I use it, it will end up costing a lot.  I have a GPS and if its going to cost, I'd rather not have it.  If it is included, how much data does it (considering it is a limited data plan).  Does anyone know?

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          Personally, I would use my GPS.  The $9.99 monthly subscription IS included (it states you will be charged but you won't be charged an additional $9.99, that's there for those who don't already have it included)  But it will use data; how much depends on how much you use it - on a trip you will be connected and updating constantly, so it could use a bit, especially on a long trip.  On a limited data plan, you could eat it all up on one trip.


          In my mind, my GPS (Garmin Street Pilot, or most other standalone GPS units) is better - it doesn't cost anything other than the initial investment, it gives clear, concise directions, I can see it easily, and it's all touchscreen (my phone is not!) so it's easier to use while driving.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hello jcesq! What a great question. SusyQ provided you with excellent information about VZ Navigator. I wanted to add that there's no additional monthly fees beyond the $9.99 charge. However, as SusyQ advised depending on your usage, you could incur additional data charges if your allowance is exceeded. I hope this helps! Have a good one. ^CM

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              I have the basic phone data plan as well ($10/75MB).  I added it for the occasional Internet use and the VZ Navigator package is included at no additional cost (the don't charge you for it).  You will use about 16MB just downalod the app and fire it up for the first time.  Then each time you fire it up after that it will "usually" redowload the maps and voices (about 2MB).  I have not really had a chance to use it as I bought a LG Extravert which was listed as a VZ Navigator supported phone when I purchased it.  However it does NOT work correctly with VZ Navigator.  I have reported the issue to VZW and LG and rather than fix the issue they merely removed from the list of supported phones.  That's waht you call Customer Sevice right there.  Good luck with your attempt to get VZ Navigator working.  If you drop the Navigation View option from 3D to 2D it is supposed to save on data,  Also drop the Share Traffic option should help as well.  I cannot say for sure but this is what I have read.


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