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    Verizon is Heartless


      My son has suffered a life-altering debilitating stroke with resultant paralysis and speech degradation.  Verizon is insisting that, after 12 years of being a loyal customer with 4 wireless lines on my account, that I need to PAY early termination fees!  With my bill being, on average, $200 per month, what service do you all recommend I switch to?

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          I would call vzw again, you can cancel his line without etf but not the other 3


          as far as another carrier it really depends on where you live, coverage is king

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            I'm sorry to hear about your son.


            As commonsense101 said, you can probably cancel the line belonging to your son without the ETF, or remove all but basic service so the cost for that line is the basic $9.99, and keep it until the contract ends (it may be less than the ETF - figure $10 x # months left on contract).  Is there possibly some one who needs the phone and can take over his line?

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support


              Good morning and welcome to the community!

              I am very sorry to hear about your sons health. Verizon Wireless never wants to be a burden in an already difficult situation and we certainly don't want you to think of us as heartless. I would like the opportunity to review your account and see what we can do for you. Please send me (Adam_E) a direct message so I can do so.

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                greg tharp

                anything is better than verizon.

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                  greg tharp

                  if you dont mind being ******* every month than verizon is the place. customer service is got to be some of the dumbest people on earth. programed to tell what is off their sheet. cant answer questions with out looking it up answer first.  cheating you out of money is what they do best..

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                    feel free to post a thread about what your problem is.. you sound like someone in  just confused by your bill

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                      I worked for a midwestern banking institution's online banking team, as well as general customer service, for years. During my time there, we had a general rule of thumb: look up the answer every time. Now, it deserves mentioning that the fact we looked up everything when asked when the customer had a banking issue does not equate to us being "stupid", in fact, many of us were smarter than the average person (I, myself, have years of study in Existential Philosophy along with Science and Psychology). Looking back on that, as a consumer, I conclude that I would want the customer service representative to look up the answer to make absolutely sure than to shoot from the hip.