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    LG Cosmos 2 vn251 Battery life, charge seems not to last.  Why?


      I just got this phone about 3 weeks ago.  It needs to be recharged about every day and a half, sometimes less.  It also seems to discharge very rapidly sometimes when only two bars are left.  I am a very light user--2 or 3 short calls a day, maybe 2 calls a week of more than 5 minutes.  Seldom text more than 2-3 times a day, and receive same number.  Nothing else--no web, email, photos, apps, except contact backup program.  All my display settings are short--set at 7 seconds.


      I think the battery is no good.  My previous LG phone, the earlier one, held a charge for 3-4 days.


      I also always turn my phone off at night so it is never on more than 15 hours a day and mostly it is doing nothing.  I want the thing to keep in touch with my spouse and for emergencies and occasional texts.


      Is this what everyone else is seeing?  The Verizon store people checked it out this morning and said it looked okay.  They also told me the battery life was supposed to be 370 minutes if used continuously and some huge number of hours if on standby--way more than a week.  I am not getting that.


      What advice does anyone have on this, especially if there is a Verizon tech following these discussion.


      Thank you.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Good Afternoon dumbunny. Charging your device every other day is common for most handsets.

          The battery time from the manufacturer is just an estimate and can fluctuate on a variety of factors such as the type of usage and signal strength.

          You can save battery by changing your backlight settings and making sure connections such as bluetooth are turned off when not in use.



          Should you find that you battery performance continues to decrease, your handset and battery include a one-year manufactuer warranty.


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            I feel your pain!  My husband, my son and I all have the LG Cosmos 2.  Their phones go 5 or 6 days between charges but mine goes about 2 days without much use at all.  This indicates my battery drain is abnormal.  Like you said, the bars go down way too quickly.  The local Verizon store checked all my settings and they have no clue why this is happening.  They first replaced the battery and that did no good.  Then they replaced my phone.  They had to send it through the mail so I have to wait days for it, then pack up the old one and drive it to the post office...  I'm on my THIRD one & having the same battery drain issues.  The sales rep at the store told me he has seen people go through 5 or 6 phones before they get a "good one."  They only replace with refurbished phones, so maybe that's part of the problem!!  I can tell you that charging every other day is definitely NOT normal for this phone.  My advice is to keep pushing Verizon until you are satisfied with the service.  Good luck. 

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              I just saw your post about your LG Cosmos 2 and my wife and I just got two new ones. I got them from Verizon online and my wife's phone is doing fine but mine kills the battery in just a couple of days. I finally found out that mine was accessing the Backup Assistant online where it checks for differences between what phone numbers I have installed and what is in their database. If it finds a difference, it adds the new number and name to their database. Not a problem but it locks up and hangs when it does it and leaves the screen lit the entire time which kills the battery.  After trying for over a week to solve the problem, including some programming that is online dealing with the problem, I found nothing would stop this from taking place until I called Verizon at their 800 number and had a technician update the phone, reactivate it and then set up a data block. This has finally cured the problem. You might want to check and see if that is what is happening with yours.

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                Thanks for the advice.  I am familiar with backup assistant because it was an annoying little feature on my previous 2 phones.  Fortunately, for some reason my third phone IS NOT running backup assistant automatically & I don't plan on trying to access it!  I realize it may cause certain issues with battery life.  I am crossing my fingers that this phone's battery can hold a decent charge.

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                  My husband and I purchased our  cosmos 2 phones  just over a year ago.   He has 2 OEM LG batteries for his cosmos 2 phone now and neither hold a charge past 6 hours.  He rarely talks on the phone and it's always on standby.  He doesn'y surf the net, barely text, and dont' use it for anything other than placing a call.


                  I called Verizon CS about this, and of course they are more than happy to sell me another phone, but will not cut him some slack and send me a new phone with the ongoing issues they know about and are trying to hide.


                  He is  out of warranty by just 2 weeks.



                  Verizon knows they have a problem with the cosmos 2 cell not holding a charge.


                  This is my first experience with Verizon, and my Husband and I are not impressed.   We thought Sprint was bad.  At least their phones lasted a few years without problems.

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                    I was having the same issues with battery life ... initially I made sure the Bluetooth was off which did increase the battery life.  However, recently it started to deplete in 24 hours or less.  I found out, by accident, that if let the battery completely discharge and turn off BEFORE I recharge, it will last for several days. 

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                      I am having the same problem. The longer I have my phone the shorter the battery life! I have tried EVERYTHING recommended to increase battery life... NOTHING WORKS!!!