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      My husband and I both have an iphone 4S and we love them.  However, when he calls me from his iphone, my name appears as the caller and not his. Does anyone know why this happens?  A few times it has come up correctly, but for the most part it is wrong.


          Is the account in your name? If so, check to make sure the caller id feature that allows you to show your name isn't activated (the option that is available on My Verizon). Otherwise, make sure that your contacts are correctly labeled on your iPhone since if a name is showing at all and you don't have that feature activated in My Verizon then it is pulling whatever name is attached to it in your contacts.

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            I would agree with you kaebfly. I was going to say there is apart in the iPhone 4s  to tell siri and things who to call you. Does that setting have to do with call I'd? Normally I would say that whoever is the account owner it would say that unless you have it in contacts another name.

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              In order to change what the Caller ID says when you call some one, you have to log into My Verizon as the Account Owner (using the Account Owner's User Name or Cell Phone Number and Password) and then change the name in Settings.


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                Thank you to the community for all of your suggestions! philny, I would recommend following those steps to check the Caller ID on My Verizon. Also, make sure your husband's number is stored without a "1" before the area code. It may be showing your name because the contact is not recognized. Let us know if this helps!

                Thank you!

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