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    Whats going on?????


      I just bought the Droid Razr Maxx and i love this phone compared to my Droid X,, only problem is that i dont have 4G service.. it cant be my area because my friend has 4G service on his Galaxy S2.. Soo please help me out here,, i bought this phone specifically because it was 4G LTE >Edited profanity, please keep posts family friendly< buhh this is really starting to irk me. Please help!!


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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Infinito,

          I'd love to assist you with your RAZR MAXX, so you can get the most of your device. I'll be asking a couple of questions, as well as providing you with some steps to check the network setting on the phone.

          What zip code are you located in? Has the device ever shown a 4G signal? Here's a link to our coverage map to check 4G coverage. Once the link opens, please enter your zip code, and remember to press the radio button for "4G Data Coverage." http://bit.ly/9jZFHC

          If you are indeed in a 4G area, please also check and make sure that the device's network settings are correct. Here are the steps to follow: Menu>Settings> Wireless&Networks>Mobile Networks>Network Mode. Make sure that CDMA/LTE is checked.

          Please post back with your results.

          I'm sure this information will be helpful for you, as well as other users of the RAZR MAXX and other 4G devices.

          Thank you,

          Christina B
          VZW Support
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            To the OP,what provider does your friend use?

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              The phone has never shown a 4G signal since I got it ,and the network mode is on CDMA/LTE.

              I tried checking the coverage map but it seems that it isn't working. It gets stuck on "Loading..." but it isn't doing anything.

              If you would like to check, my zip code 19438.

              Please let me know.

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                I just found out he has T-Mobile, so i guess that part is out of the question.

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                  though I was not getting 4G connection here in Baltimore, MD (21045).  My phone is showing the 4G signal with arrows, but when attempting to open various apps (including the "My Verizon" app), nothing loads, and I get a message saying that no connection is available.


                  I tried re-booting the phone, but no avail.


                  edit: eventually came back on - thought it was attributable to when I enabled VZW location services under "Location & Security"

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                    Mine has been enabled since i got the phone I checked all of that stuff in the settings and I dont see anything wrong with any of it.

                    It actually came on for like a minute when i was sitting in the parking lot of the school but then it went away, and i didnt even move. So my guess is an issue with the service not my phone. But hopefully they can fix it please and ASAP.

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                      I just upgraded to the new OS today on my Razr Maxx and all of a sudden I no longer have signal.  I called Verizon and they tried to do some kind of update but still don't have service.  I'm in the Washington DC area and I've always had 4G but now since I've updated my phone, I can't even get a 3G signal.  Anyone else having this problem??

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                        i upgraded to the new os and have the same problem, before the upgrade i pretty good service but now i can't even use the phone for what it is, can't even make calls or txt, this **. Verizon thinks were all stupid and don't have network settings set right or some no brainer **** like that. It's there new up date that ******* things up.

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                          Okay so what I had to do was drive down the road and when I picked up a better signal in another area instead of my apartment, the update completely finished and now I have 4G signal again.  When I spoke with Verizon wireless after this, a level 2 technician told me that it happens like that sometimes and you have to go to a better area for the signal range to update on the phone.  Now everything works great and I have a great signal.  Try that and see what happens.  Worked for me.

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