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    How to read the Voice usage?


      I've been having issues trying to figure out how many minutes I have used.  I have a family share plan and it shows that we have used 279 of our 700 minutes.  The thing is that this number has not changed even though I have had a few hour long conversations.  These conversations are documented in the call log but are not registering on minutes used.  However, the green bar that is above the minutes used has a small amount of dark green, a ton of light green, and light shading for the remaining minutes.  Does this mean that the calls have not updated to the usage minutes? Or could the person I am calling be mobile to mobile and are the calls free and therefore not counted?  If someone can answer any of these questions that would be great, reply if you need me to rephrase any of it.  I am very disappointed by the customer service at Verizon and how nothing is in any way straightforward with it's meaning on MyVerizon.