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    Set up personal hotspot


      I'm trying to setup personal hotspot on my iPhone, but I can't, when I try to, it sends me to the Verizon Homepage, and I tried to go from there, but I couldnt find anything on Personal Hotspot

      It sais: To enable Personal Hotspot on this account, contact Verizon at 611 or visit http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/index.html


      Then it has 3 buttons:


      Go to Website



      When I click Go to Website, it goes to the homepage as mentioned above

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          Log Into My Verizon and make sure that you are Subscribed to the Personal Hotspot. Please note that if you are still on an Unlimited Data Plan for $29.99 like I am, it does NOT include the Personal Hotspot Feature, you can still keep your Unlimited Data Plan and get 2 GB's of Data for the Personal Hot Spot for $20 a Month, but keep in mind that if you go over that 2 GB Limit, it is $20 for each GB that you go over (unlike the $10 GB Penalty for Tiered Plans). To add the 2 GB Hot Spot for Unlimited Data Plans, click on Change Features, and add the Personal Hot Spot for $20, Otherwise if You are on a Tiered Plan click Change Plan and select the 4 GB Plan, the 8GB Plan or the 12 GB Plan (which is $100 a Month, sorry but I don't know the price of the other two plans). :-)

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            Call *611 is the easiest to add it.

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              For me just clicking a few buttons on My Verizon was better than calling Verizon and waiting for a Customer Service Rep. to answer my call, then again I am a Computer Nerd who prefers to do everything Online so it was probably easier for me than most people to do it online, just to let you know I even recently Activated my new 4G LTE Verizon Wireless 551L USB Modem Online! :-)

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                When I was changeing features to add hotspot I never found it so I called.

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                  I was wrong about one minor detail: the Tiered Plans are 4 GB, 7 GB, and 12 GB, not 4 GB, 8 GB, and 12 GB.

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                    But the good thing is if you only use primarily hotspot  or primarily reg data it's  combIned. And it's I think $10 per gig over.

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                      "For me just clicking a few buttons on My Verizon was better than calling Verizon"


                      Will you share the buttons you clicked? If you did, that would actually answer the initial question posted by kirill2485 , which so far - no one has done.


                      I've been clicking around and googling everywhere and I can't figure it out.


                      I am looking to "enable" personal hotspot on my iPhone 4S from the Verizon website. I am not looking to set it up on my iPhone - that's easy and is not my problem. Please see the original discussion question, which is very clear.


                      And I'm very sorry, but it's frustrating when people declare their computer wizardry, but then post irrelevant answers to the problem. If it's so easy to click a few buttons, then what are they?