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    How do I get my text messages back?


      I had very important text messages that I was saving when this morning I received a text and my screen went white for about 5-10 sec when it came back it had deleted over 800 text messages that I needed from a certain person.  I still had messages from others, just the person that sent me the text all there information was gone.  Is there a way to get it back?  I am on a droid 2 with a micro SD.  If not what do I have to do in order for verizon to send me a detailed manuscript for the past 90 days.   Someone please help.

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          If the message has been deleted from the device there isnt any easy way to retreive these files so you are most likely out of luck...   Now as for getting transcripts of the messages you most likely need to contact CS and see what they can do for you.


          I am not sure but I think due to legal restrictions I think you have to have a court order to get transcripts ..  But I would still call CS to verify..

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Good morning and thank you Wildman for your helpful response!

            Justin806- I know it can be upsetting to lose the texts on your phone that you had been saving, as it's happened to me as well.  Did you have them backed up to an SD card, or via a 3rd party application?  If so, the messages may be saved.  Or try power cycling your phone to see if the messages come back.  If they are in fact, permanently deleted, we would need a subpoena to retrieve this information. You can have an attorney contact us directly at 1-800-922-0204.  We will give them instructions on how to fax us the required legal documentation.  If more time is needed to gather the court documents, they can instead, send us a Preservation Letter.  A Preservation Letter allows us to store any existing message content for a number for 3-5 additional days from receipt of the Preservation Letter.  If your attorney sends us a Preservation Letter, we will not be able to release the content until the court order is actually received.

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              I was looking for the same answer.I must say it's pretty sad with price verizon charges that there wouldn't be and easier more customer friendly way of getting our messages back.I called one of the "other" phone companies and they can get them back within hours to their customers.

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                The restriction is a legal method to verify customers data is secured and also understand that storage cost, in order for Verizon to achieve all their customers messages on a secure server could get costly... 


                Sometimes security and convenience  does not work together easily.