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      I live about 40 miles from Nashville, Tn. Had HomeFusion installed at my home today. So far, could not be more pleased. I live in a rural area with no cable or DSL & my only option was with so-so 3g with MIFI 4510L. Did lose connection once today (for about 4 minutes while I re-powered my HomeFusion router) vs many times a day with MIFI. Checked my download speed just prior to writing this. (16.51 Mbps & 17.37 Mbps) I am used to getting less than 1Mbps, so you can imagine how I feel !II Crossing my fingers this keeps up. For those who are wondering if you should try HomeFusion when it gets to your area, I definately say "Go for it".

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          nice.. looks a tad pricey for me but good to hear a success story for once

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            John Getzke

            Good news indeed.  Keep us posted if your experience changes. 

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              About 4 months 4G LTE service became available in our area.  We are in a rural area and it was a great leap forward and we are happy with the service. Now Homefusion has came out and so I contected Verizon to see if they had a way to migrate existing customers to the new service.   The results were dissapointing to say the least.


              There were two basic options..


              1.  Add homefusion to my existing contract.   The Homefusion installation charge in that case would jump from $200 to $399.00 and I would be paying for both services.    Not good..  ( Turns out that $399.00 is the "regular" price of the Homefusion install not the promotional price)


              2.  Pay the FULL canncellation charges on my current contract and then re-sign up as a new customer under Homefusion. The cancellation charges and the new service once again hit $400.00   .  Still not good.


              I think this kind of policy is crazy.  Several people  in my area signed up for LTE service strictly for home use and Verizon is missing an oppertunity to quickly expand the Homefusion footprint and gain more income.  I think its fair to say that very few people will pay $400 to move to the new service..   There needs to be some middle ground. After all we would still be Verizon customers.   Its not like we would be going to ATT or Sprint.


              I am glad the original poster has had good luck and high performance with the new service.   I wish I could join in.


              I plan to honor the term of my contact and re-evaluate the situation when it expires in 2014. Hopefully there will be some competition by that time.

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                would love to know what the ping times are as well if someone could post that.  I am hoping since it's fixed LTE, it might be slightly better than what we see on the phones?

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                  Just now tested (Speedtest.net)

                  Ping time - 85ms

                  Download - 35.89

                  Upload - 1.82


                  Note that average download somewhere between 15 & 25

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                    Curious, do you get a public IP address or private?  Can you use your own router or do you have to use the one built into the 5 gallon bucket-antenna? 


                    Anxiously awaiting nationwide rollout of this and 4G coverage in my area.

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                      Sorry. Really cannot answer either question. Unsure what my IP address is. As for the router, kind of doubtful if you can use your own. No need to however, as a real nice router is included in the installation package. Mine is sitting on my desk.


                      Have had this system for 12 days now & have lost connection with the internet only twice, and only then for a couple of minutes. Checked my speed again just prior to this writing.


                      Ping: 85ms

                      Download: 18.77 Mbps

                      Upload: 1.6 Mbps


                      Rarely do I get a download speed of less than 10 Mbps. It ususlly bounces somewhere between 20 & 30. Have gotten as high as 38.26 Mbps.

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                        I think I answered my own questions looking at the FAQ and How To information on Verizon's site.  There's port forwarding settings.  For those to be useful, you'd need a public IP address.

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                          Hi,  I also live about 40 miles west of Nashville. We had HomeFusion installed about 4 weeks ago. It's a solid service. I have not had any drops or service related issues. Overall the the speed and response times have been execelent with up to 10mb down and 6mb up.

                          The only issues I have seen are around the data plans. I have a fairly typical family with 2 teenagers and a father who lives with me. We have 4 laptops, 3 desktops, Android phones and tablets, iphones and ipads. Within 7 days we had hit our limit with the base level plan of 10gb. We upgraded to the 20gb plan but were quickly reaching that limit within another 7 days.

                          After some research and investigation I realized that between all of our mobile devices and laptops with cloud application. every document we created on any device was being sent up to the clound and back down to other devices. Also, with Direct TV and two smart TVs connected to my network they were updating nightly wich also used the data allowence.

                          I can understand the need for a data limit on the wireless network but if this product is intended to compete with other home broadband carriers these limits need to change. With more and more applications moving into the cloud and TVs, DVD players, and even some kitchen appliances connecting to the network these data limits are not realistic. with just the PCs that a typical home has today a single Microsoft update of 400mb would use 2.8gb of data. Also, Direct TV and Samsung Smart TVs uses the internet to download "watch instantly" content even if you do not request them. There is no way to turn the content off. This is also uses about 30% of my overall data plan. Not to mention if we wanted to watch a move on demand or with Netflix streaming with an adverage movie being around 2-3gb.


                          Sorry for the rant. is anyone else seeing any of these issues?

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