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    Samsung Stratosphere - please help!!!


      I was wondering if someone can help me with my Samsung Stratosphere. I have tried all of the steps you suggested to other Verizon customers, but I still keep hearing that awful loud pitch noise from my phone.Has Verizon or Samsung come up with any solutions to this problem? I also receive complaints from people saying they cannot hear me. I bought my Stratosphere in late Dec or early January and have been having this problem since I purchased it. I even uninstalled any apps I had added to make sure they were not ******** things up. Can anyone from Verizon help me? I finally decided to switch from Alltel to Verizon and bite the bullet to buy my 1st smart phone. To say the least, this has been a less than a positive experience!

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          There are several posts regarding this issue (and many other issues) with the Stratosphere. They have been happening since the phone came out and are not getting acknowledged nor corrected. I highly suggest you replace the Stratosphere with another phone ASAP if you can.

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            Oh my gosh!  I am so frustrated!  I never thought about looking at the website to see if there were other people having the same problems.  I am on my 4th phone since December and am currently trying to decide what to do.  Verizon keeps telling me that I have to trade out for the same phone because it is "under warranty".  Every phone they send me does the same thing.  The irritating thing is that they send me refurbished but I purchased a new one.  They also said that the warranty continues to run out even though they are switching out my phone.  To make a long story short, I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon and continue to get the runaround and the same ****** phone sent to my house.  They told me that I could purchase a different type of phone at full price.  Wow, really?  That is so nice of them!!!  I have 5 phones on my account and have been a customer since Kansas Cellular days and this is how they treat me.  Obviously customers that spend $400 a month with them and always pay on time (thanks to auto pay) don't mean a thing to them!

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              your at least lucky Verizon would send you a replacement.  I had my Stratosphere less than a month and the screeching was awful, like feedback from a microphone right in your ear.   Took my phone to corporate store and they removed voice privacy, reset the phone and said unless we can re-create there is nothing we can do.   See if this helps.  It didn't - the thing is it doesn't do it all the time but if a conversation goes over 4 minutes that seems to trigger it.   I though - aah - I will download a recording app and record the noise, although it didn't sound so bad on recording - took the phone back in to Verizon, they opened back and found a tiny sticky spot on inside which I have no idea where it came from didn't spill anything, tried to tell them that recording was the same thing it had been doing since it was 3 weeks old when I took it in before - NOPE - phone is damaged, good news I have insurance and can pay $99 for a replacement!!!!!   So I'm not paying another $99.00 for the same phone because obviously there is an issue that Verizon is totally ignoring.  Oh I was also told to make sure I restart my phone once a day.  What a rip-off

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                I bought my stratosphere from Costco in November 2011.  Beginning the first week I had a problem with others not being able to hear me sometimes.  I spoke with Verizon customer service multiple times and tried their suggestions with no change.  It has continued and evolved to others hearing bad cutting out, while on my side they sound clear.  It doesn't happen with every call, but the thought of Verizon giving me another phone with the same or other problems has made me just put up with it.  If I hang up and call the person right back it sometimes happens again, sometimes not for another day or few days before it does again.  About a month ago I had this screeching sound only I would hear with a couple of calls.  A new issue I've had for a couple of weeks now is various keys randomly taking me back to the home screen when I'm in the middle of a game or text message.  Is there a fix for these issues? I found out too late that Costco would have taken the phone back in the first three months. I wish Verizon and/or Samsung would step up and take care of their loyal customers.

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                  BLUF:  The Samsung Stratus is not a good phone.  Keep going in for problems, sooner or later they will hopefully offer you a different phone.  The manager at my local store is tired of dealing with the Stratus phones and is sending me a Droid phone with a keyboard like the Status.


                  I had similar issues where I was talking to someone and then they couldn't hear me.  I was told last month that Samsung is pushing out a patch to fix it.  However, I had the new patch and it didn't work.  Shortly after that, my screen went blank, so they sent me a 'refurbished' phone.  I was outside of a metro area and the Verizon associate was on the phone with tech support for over 2 hours, when they decided to send me another new phone.  I decided to wait until I got home.  This was the first day that I got the phone from Verizon.  When I got back to a metro area, the phone started working.  I did notice that when I got out in the country, I would not have any service.  Now I am on the road again with no phone waiting for Verizon to ship me a new phone.

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                    My phone is awful too! my screen stops working and it shuts itself off whenever it charges. I also cant hear people and cant open picture messages. Just today I got a refurbished phone and the piece of **** wont even turn on. Ive been phoneless for days because i was in the middle of a text and the phone shut off, and never turned back on. I got this phone because they told me it was a better deal than the iphone at the time. BAD MISTAKE. i absolutely hate it and want to throw it at a wall. Im especially mad that I paid over 100 dollars for a BRAND NEW phone a few months ago and they send me a REFURBISHED phone. technically paid 100 + for a phone to last 3 months. such ********, cant wait for my contract to be up and get the **** out of verizon!

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                      I hate this phone!!! DO NOT BUY!!!


                      I am at our Annual Conference for work and this *** has completely stopped working. I cannot even call 611 on it.


                      Everything is Force Closing (LogsProvider, TwLauncher, GoogleServices Framework, Application Clock etc.... ) Says my database storage is almost full but wont let me clean ANYTHING OFF!!


                      I had to reset this BRAND NEW phone just 3 weeks ago! I am VERY UPSET!!!!


                      After reading reviews... I wish I never would have bought this phone!!!!


                      OVER IT!!!!

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                        I have the SAME issues....sent brand new phone back to  Verizon within first 30 days, got the ole certified like new in exchange that did the EXACT same thing.  Called and waited on hold for a bazillion years again to be told to call from another phone or land line so they can run diagnositcs....really? Finally did this and they couldn't figure it out so told me to go to store.  They ordered another phone.  Same thing........about 3 calls later some really bright guy decides to send me a new SIM card as if that has anything to do with the issues but whatever.......I took to the store for installation so that they couldn't say I had done anything wrong.  Rep at store installing laughed and couldnt understand why they said SIM card had anything to do with the sound quality issues........anyway, that did nothing.  I've called twice more and my only options are another Certified Used phone that will be **** like the one I have.........step up Verizon! Get rid of this phone and help us out!


                        My phone will start cutting out to whomever I'm talking to (including Verizon) after a few minutes...I hear loud clicking noises and other background screeching often.  The screen locks up and it drops calls often.  I also experience unable to access network VERY frequently......sucks!

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                          Can anyone help with this phone.  is there an upgrade yet. I just upgraded to this phone and over half the time when I either answer a call or make a call all I hear is this old didgital phone modem in my ear screeching.. This is unacceptable.  can anyone tell me yet why I upgraded to a smart phone, as to me it is not very smart.

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