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    How to connect to Smart TV?


      How do you make Razr work on a smart TV wireless?  I was told I could show pictures from phone on a smart TV

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          The only thing I can find without the help from others is on YouTube showing how to connect to TV with HDMI cable and thats not what I want. I want to do it without wires from phone to TV.

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            your tv has to be dlna capable. if it is a newer, high end smart tv then it may be. if not, then i think you're out of luck. to be honest, i know little about dlna, except that any dlna capable device on the same wifi network should be able to communicate with each other, once they are all properly set up (ie. you cans stream from phone to tv, or upload/download files to pc wirelessly from phone, or stream from pc to phone or tv, etc, etc). google "dlna razr" and see if you have any luck.....but first find out if your tv is dlna capable.

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              AZSALUKI is correct about the device requiring DLNA to receive data wireless and most require the tv and device be connected through a wireless router to make connection...  


              Another method if your tv isn't DLNA compatible is to connect a Blueray dvd like I did that had DLNA support, I have a Sony blueray and DLNA works incredible.

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                that's what i did as well. samsung blu ray was on sale for $100 at christmas time so i went ahead and got it, instead of waiting for the next time i get a tv, to get dlna capability. i still haven't figured out how to use dlna though....lol.

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                  All you have to do is connect all the devices to a wifi router and then when you open the stock player on your phone it will give you a option to switch the player and your blueray player will show in the list, select it from list and it will be transferred automatically to the TV...


                  Also you can set a Windows 7 PC to share the files with player and then you can play movies and music from your PC in another area of the house.


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                    I don't know about Smart Tv But i am watching some of the Best stuff i have seen on a Smart Phone Ever An the picture in my mine is as Good it is on my Hi Depth Tv. What am i watching you may Ask the Masters Tournament from the Masters App that's in the Google Play store. It is So incredible the picture the Sound it just like your there at Augusta. This is why i an glad i Bought this phone. An when the Guys are hitting there Balls of the Ties there is No Rendering of the picture it's just Smooth as Glass. My only wish is..  Is that i was there at Augusta .. an with my Maxx i am there. from B33 an Max  

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                      Thanks I agree phone is great it's just learning all it can do and how to do it.

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                        Thanks everyone for your suggestions which I will try

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                          thanks. i'll have to play around with it. i've got my tbolt, pc, and blu ray all on my wifi so it looks fairly simple from there.

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