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    No service


      I have had no service for about an hour and a half. In the 37172 zip code, or 615 area.

      Any ideas on the problem?

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          i have no sevice right now and its kinda p.m.o. i had loads of service then all of a sudden i dont and i havent moved. i need my service my hubby is away for training for the national guard and out of all the days this happens it had to happen the day he leaves? im very disapointed right now

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi babycat7rip,

            I realize the importance of having operable service and I am confident that your issue has been resolved since the date of your original post. If not, I'm here to help! Where are you located (zip code)? Which device do you have? I look forward to hearing from you soon.^AB

            Thank you for your involvement in our community forums,


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              Mine is hot ****, too! My husband is deployed and can never get through because my piece of **** provider doesn't fix the signal problem! Sorry, but this has been ongoing for the past year, and no amount of reset this, reset that ever fixes it. As soon as my contract is up, I AM DONE with VERIZON! $177 a month FOR WHAT?! I have to use WIFI just to get on the internet!

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                I am actually having a similar problem in zip code 63021 but only with texts.  Yesterday between 4-6pm any text message I sent would bounce back unable to send.  It kept trying and finally they went through around 6pm to my daughter.  I'm not even sure if the others went through.  Additionally, during that time the signal was hit or miss and I was not anywhere new that wouldn't have signal. 


                Today, not a single text message I have sent has made it to the recipient....yet I AM able to receive texts.  My phone says messages have sent but three hours later I have found out that not one text made it through.  I can make and receive phone calls just fine and even access the internet.  Just no text messages are working.


                What is going on? 

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                  I live 1 mile from our VZ tower. I know this is our tower because 3 years ago a contractor cut the fiber between the tower and the Central Office and we totally lost service for 36 hours until the fiber was repaired. 99% of the time we have max signal strength. Since 7-22 we have been having the same problem (intermittent strength of signal on 1X and 3G, ranging from strongest to nothing) with both my wife's cell phone and mine. Plus my daughter and her husband have been here visiting and both of their VZ cell phones are doing the same thing. Also, my 3G VL600 USB device shows a meandering signal (from max to nothing). A total of 5 devices doing the same thing! Weird thing is when using the phones, the person on the other end say they can hear us perfectly. But we are not hearing something like every 3rd or 4th word from them (in other words, transmit from my end seems fine, but receive is ******* up). Also, the voice mail is totally dumping out after about 15 or 20 seconds. It says "signal faded and call lost". We can't retrieve our voice mail. 3 calls to VZ service (with all their usual do this and do that) and a trouble ticket issued 2 days ago. No response to any of these things.  Super frustrating ......

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                    In Montana, it is hit and miss. We live out of town but generally have good service.  For hours now we can text but can not receive or make calls.  I am getting voice mails that I can not retrieve. I can go online through my phone, just not make calls etc.  My brother an hour away can call me but it rings once then goes straight to voicemail and he is verizon as well. My son is here from California, he is verizon, he can call people in California but he can't get through to us.  So we have 4 phones in the house all verizon and only one can make calls just not to the three phones from Montana.