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    iPhone vs. Android?


      I am due for an upgrade in a couple of months and am thinking about getting a smartphone. I have read reviews, blogs and forums about both iPhone and Androids (more particularly razr maxx and galaxy nexus) but it is getting very confusing. Has anyone out there used both Android and iOS? Which one would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance

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          From my experience with both products, I'd say that Android devices are far more powerful and capable than iPhones. However, iPhones are much more reliable and easy to navigate for the average consumer. If you're not going to be doing anything fancy, then you should probably just go with an iPhone. If you want a diverse and open operating system that's supported by a sprawling community of developers, then go with Android.

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            Not all Droids are dogs, not all dogs are Droids. But if you want to spend a lot less time finessing your approach to basic tasks, the iPhone is the way to go. If I need an attorney to return the Spectrum, I'll keep it. Otherwise it's heading back to the store.

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              my opinion is that if you are fairly "tachy" so to speak, then you will enjoy android much more (it just does more and is more customizeable). however, if you just want a solid smartphone that always runs smooth, but is a bit more basic, then the iphone would better suit you. they both have pros and cons. i prefer android, but i recommend iphone to my family (who just want something that's easy to figure out).

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                The phone is supposed to be an appliance, not a toolbox. You can have more "fun" installing more apps and things on a Droid, but in the end, you've got a short list of basic tasks to execute and they should not be the challenge that Android makes them. I don't feel degraded using Apple's one-button mouse but I get very frustrated getting stuck behind a complex routine on an Android phone that could be handled better by a well-engineered user interface. In this case, Less is More.

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                  right....and you shouldn't feel "degraded." iphone works better for "basic tasks." i like widgets. iphone doesn't have them. i like a true/full browser. iphone doesn't have that. i felt awful for my mom after she got an ipad and realized it has no flash support and can't run many of the videos when she uses facebook (she literally puts down her ipad and goes to her p.c. to view simple videos that have been posted). the apps and browser on iphone are great, but can't run anything with flash. they both have their pros and cons and people should choose based on what they will be using the device for. i use mine for much more than basic tasks. i stream sports so i prefer a larger screen and 4g speeds (if you're not in a 4g coverage area then this is irrelevant). i also often use it for web browsing so i prefer to have a web page that would have everything that the same page on a p.c. has. i use my phone as my navigator and turn by turn navigation is built in to all androids (i'm sure there are paid apps that could do this with iphone?) i also use DLNA to stream wirelessly from/to phone/pc/tv (last i knew there were paid apps to do this as well on iphone....maybe even free by now?) i personally don't find anything challenging that i try to do with android.....but as i said before, i would recommend iphone to my family, because it is much more simple. you don't have to set up multiple home screens. you don't have to concern yourself with the difference between widgets and apps. also, if you already use apple products, particularly itunes, then an iphone will be MUCH easier for you to sync your existing music, pics, and videos. i'm not trying to argue that androids are better. i just want to point out that there are some pretty big differences in capabilities and you should choose based on what you will actually use it for. maybe a lot of what i do with my android should be able to be accomplished in a more simple manner than it is.....but a lot of what i do can't be accomplished at all on an iphone.

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                    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am a bit of a techy so I know I would love a droid and right now I am really leaning towards the Razr Maxx. The only thing I am concerned about is all the glitches that I've read about that seem to plague the droids. I run a company so I really need a phone I can depend on at all times and if that is not an issue then Razr Maxx it is... The only thing that draws me to the iPhone is the fact that I already have a couple of iPods so all my music is on iTunes and I don't know if I would be able to transfer my library over to the droid. Facetime is another thing, but I suppose Skype can take care of that. iMessage is another one, can't beat having free texts...

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                      syncing would definitely be easier with an iphone, but you can import all of your itunes on to an android (use doubletwist or if you really know what your doing, then just get to the directory that itunes uses and transfer the actual files...unless they are protected. i know itunes used to protect purchases, which was one thing i hated about it). i've never had any glitches/bugs with android itself....just with a few apps i've had. you can also look into google voice. i "think" texting is free through that service (it has a ton of features and is a really nice service....free). skype is nice because anyone can use it....not just iphone users.

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                        I've owned several Android phones and BlackBerries and the iPhone is hands down the better device.  The Android operating system is extremely buggy, laggy, and just generally less reliable than iOS. Although both platforms have a large app selection, the quality of the apps on iOS is much higher than the apps on the Google Play store. Generally, new apps are released on iOS before Android (if at all) and you will never have to worry about if a certain app will work with your device (since Android is highly fragmented). You also don't have to worry about malicious apps like the fake version of Angry Birds Space recently released on the Google Play store that contained a trojan. Some people will say "but Android is more customizable and has more free apps" and while that may be true, most people don't want to install custom roms on their phone to fix issues that shouldn't be there and the first place and almost all of the free Android apps are riddled with ads (and besides most paid apps on iOS are around .99 cents - very cheap). Any time you step into a Verizon store the sales rep is much more likely to recommend an Android device. Why? Because it makes them and Verizon more $$$$$!! Verizon is making a HUGE push for 4G sales and guess what- the only phones they offer with 4G LTE are a bunch of Android devices.

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                          Oh and I forgot to mention.. Adobe announced a while ago that they are killing Flash for mobile devices so that whole argument is even more irrelevent now than ever before. (basically as irrelevent as aruging that your computer is better because it has a floppy disc drive still) Most websites are now supporting HTML5 which is by far the better technology. You can also download several apps on the iPhone (such as puffin browser) that let you view flash content on your iOS device.

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