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    iPhone or Android?


      I am due for an upgrade in a couple of months and will finally be getting a smartphone. I have read reviews, blogs and forums about both iPhone and Androids (more particularly razr maxx and galaxy nexus) but it is getting very confusing as they both seem to have a lot of pros and cons. Has anyone out there used both Android and iOS? Which one would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance

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          You may have already decided, but I'll reply anyway. When it comes down to it, the only opinion that matters is yours. I think you'll find that if you go into a Verizon store that has working models and play with them, it will make your decision a lot easier. In my case, I read and read and read and read, then finally decided I was going to Verizon to get an iPhone. Once I compared the devices side-by-side, I walked out with an Android device, just because it was right for me.


          Good luck choosing! Post back and let us know what you got.

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            Thank you SydneyK. How do you like your droid?

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              Sydney has suggested the best way to make a more accurate decision because each device has some features that appeals to others differently and do to this the ideal of going off someones else s opinion or views wont always prove to be the best thing for you..


              I own a iphone as well as multiple Android devices and for me Android is more for a power user and the iPhone is for a user that dont require all the bells and whistles..  I perter Android because I love to experiment and develop for a number of platforms and with the open platform that Android is built around it allows me to do this freely where Apple products are a bit to restricted for my liking.


              Research is a good thing but its best to try the device hands on before making a decision...


              Hope this helps some..

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                It depends on which day you ask! I've been mostly happy with it over the past year. This week, not so much, as I have some syncing problems I need to figure out. But I'm glad I chose it anyway, because I can customize it to do almost anything.


                Do you use other Apple products? If you like iTunes or use an iPod or iPad, you might really like storing your music, pics and other files in iCloud for instant syncing with all your Apple devices. If taking good photos is important to you, the iPhone has a reputation for having the best smartphone camera. And if you're not the type who likes troubleshooting electronics, you might be happier with something that typically works smoothly right out of the box.


                If you use Google products -- or prefer having lots of choice in device hardware, screen size, customizing with widgets, etc. -- you might like Android. And as Wildman mentioned, because Android is an open platform, you're not restricted to only the apps that Apple allows, which can be a double-edged sword: lots of choices, not always good quality.


                Hope this helps!