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    Early Upgrade?


      My upgrade is April 7th. I was told that I would be able to upgrade now, a week early, and still get the 16GB iPhone 4s for $199. Is this true? Or will I have to wait a week to get it for this price?

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          Please clarify "I was told" ... did a Verizon rep tell you that? Typically, the upgrade pricing only goes into effect on that date, but some customer have had luck finding a rep either in store or over the phone who was willing to let it slide a few days early. Doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck!

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            you will have to wait until april 7th. currently due to apple restrictions vzw is not able to "early upgrade" someone to one of there devices.

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              Last week, two different Verizon Wireless stores (New York) told me that they got rid of the early upgrade program entirely for all phones and plans.

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                They were probably referring to the early upgrade option where customers on certain plans could re-up at one year. Yes, that's been gone for a while.

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                  Hi Syd an i have the Option to Early upgrade my one Line After i got my Maxx i wanted to use the B.O.G.O plan that had just came out shortly after i got it. That was in February.  They couldn't Back it no more than 15 days witch is the 28 of April. An i get $30.00 off on my next Device Purchase   But with the new $30.00 upgrade fee Verizon is Launching the 28 or 29 it kind of deflated my Balloon..once again! Lol b33 All i can do is smile