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    Unlocked Nokia Lumia 900


      The unlocked Lumia is going for $499 at AT&T. I really don't want to go through the hassle of the Early terming my contract and was just going to buy the Lumia outright and have it replace my Torch on my Verizon plan. Is that doable? What things should I be aware of? Firmware updates? Support? I am fairly new to the smartphone game so let me know what I am up against.

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          I hope you didn't buy it because AT&T phones won't work on Verizon's network.  AT&T uses GSM in their devices and Verizon uses CDMA.  They are incompatible and if you buy a AT&T phone it will not function as a phone at all on Verizon.  The only way to get a Nokia 900 is to terminate your contract with Verizon and get a contract with AT&T or buy an unlocked phone on AT&T.  Which I am seriously considering since Verizon doesn't have squat for Windows Phones.

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            Thanks just what i needed to know. I guess I will have to break the contract. I have broken glass on my Torch, Don't know what it cost to fix so I thought I would just change to AT&T.

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              I highly doubt that AT&T will sell any of their phones unlocked when purchased at full retail price. Where are you getting that price?

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                I've read that you can buy it unlocked for $450 which is a great price.  Go to wpcentral.com for the article.  Good luck!

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                  You can buy it off-contract for that price. It won't be unlocked though. ATT has a policy in place that prevent phones from being unlocked until at least ten months after the phone is released and you must be a current customer of ATT to even request the unlock at that time.



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                    I've never been with at&t or had an unlocked phone before.  I'm pretty sure they are selling unlocked phones on their initial release.  Unless all the articles I've been reading are wrong?  I've read about websites that also unlock phones for you.  Won't these sites work with these phones?


                    I'm not trying to jack you up, I'm just trying to figure out the off-contract/unlocked phone world.  =D

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                      Off-Contact means you purchase the phone at full retail and don't extend your phone contract for another two years.


                      Unlocked means that you can buy the phone from a GSM carrier at full retail. Then take that carrier's SIM card out and use a SIM card from another GSM carrier like T-Mobile or a European carrier and get service.  However SIM unlocked phones can't be purchased from AT&T because they have their phones SIM locked.  SIM locked means that only an AT&T SIM card is recoginzed by the phone.  You can purchase SIM unlocked phones through third party sellers.  For example, an Apple iPhone purchased from AT&T can never be SIM unlocked.  However you can go to an Apple store and purchase a SIM unlocked phone and can be used on T-Mobile in the USA, a GSM carrier in Europe, South America and elsewhere.

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                        A good explanation but i'd offer a word of caution. Don't expect that because a phone is GSM it'll work on any GSM carrier. Phones like the Lumia 800, for instance, will work fine on the AT&T network, but won't get 3G access on T-Mobile. This is due to the supported spectrums for each phone. So if you're really trying to get phone X unlocked and expect it to work on Carrier Y, do the research in to the band frequencies used by both and make sure there aren't any the carrier you're looking to head to uses that aren't supported by the phone you're looking at.