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    Droid Battery not Charging when on charger


      Within the past week, my droid incredible 2 has not been charging.  In weeks prior, both the phone and the charger would get extremely hot when charging.  I have tried both the usb charger and the wall charger that was given to me with the phone.  Now, if I am ever able to get it to charge a bit, it loses battery at a rapid rate.  Today it went from 50% to 20% in ten minutes.  Also, in weeks prior, the phone was no longer sleeping after the set amount of time.  Although set to sleep after thirty seconds of inactivity, the phone would go for hours in my pocket with the screen lit up until I realized and manually locked it.  Currently, my phone is dead, and I can not turn it on because I can not get it to charge.  I would call Verizon, however one usually needs a phone in order to do that, and mine is dead.

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          mine is losing charge when plugged in to any charger.

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            I'm having the same problem. Suddenly, my phone/battery has just stopped holding a charge. It has to be plugged in to work at all. When taken off the charger, it's like it hasn't just spent the last several hours ON the charger. It's very frustrating. Apparently there is another thread from a YEAR ago where many people were having this same issue with the HTC Incredible 2. It sounds like there is some sort of defect. In theory, replacing the battery is supposed to fix the problem... but my question is... will the same thing happen to the new battery? Batteries are expensive. I'd really rather not have to pay to replace one if it is an equipment/battery malfunction or defect.

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              It could be the battery or the port. Batteries do die .. but it seems that a lot of DInc2s have loose port issues. I just (hopefully) finished dealing with it myself.. Call them and discuss your personal issues.. maybe from a work phone or a friend's phone?


              There are 3 solutions-

              1 - if there are no scratches or dents, and youve had it less than a year, trade it in for a new one. but ppl have had the same problem with multiple replacements.. And if you have any scratches, Verizon simply charges you $300 for the new phone.


              2 - Call HTC and they'll direct you to a company that they outsource fixes to. Again, if its within your 1 year warranty, it will be free. But then you're without a phone for at least 2 weeks, and you have to mail it..


              3 - Go on ebay and buy a few back up batteries, and a battery charger. I just got 2 batteries + a charger for $10, free shipping.  I can't say any of these parts will last forever, but better than risking Verizon charging me $300 for a new phone for scratches, even if I have to replace it a few times.


              Hope this helps!

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                i got an external battery charger and 2 cheap batteries from amazon. i think the issue is in the data port and for less than $20 i can use the phone, which i like, to the end of my contract.

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                  its NOT the batteries. This has happened to me twice with the Incredible 2, its a manafacturing defect in this phone. I got 2 new batteries, phone was only 6 months old, and it did not help.Verizon sent me a new phone because it was under the 1 year warranty. e will see...

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                    There seems to be a manufacturing defect that comes with the HTC Incredible 2.  There is something that goes wrong with the charging port.  We first thought it was the battery, but after putting a new one, we continued to have problems charging the phone.  Anyway, mine was less than a year old, but because my daughter removed the lining across the top of the phone, I was not given credit for the one year warranty, even though that has nothing to do with the charging port.  It seems there are a lot of people going through the same charging problems.  I thought after being a Verizon customer for over 10 years, I would be taken care of, but I guess policy is more important than customers!!!!  I paid $199 for my phone at the time I got it and really feel betrayed by Verizon.  Hopefully you will be taken care of............

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                      I have had my Incredible 2 for less than a year as well...was going to get an iPhone but after having 3 other HTC phones I wanted to stick with those as I like the menus. Anyway my charging port got loose on the first one & they sent me a replacement. That was more or less 6 months ago. Well last week my phone started acting up again and by Sunday it wouldn't charge at all. I noticed that the battery port in this one was loose as well. I kind of wonder if its because I play games or watch or watch netflix while it is plugged in. Well they told me it was still under warranty and they had some in stock. Fedex came Tuesday...opened the box & they sent me a Droid Charge...there are a few things that are nicer. Like bigger screen-4g-better video quality...then things I don't like....keyboard seems to do what it wants with words, cant see screen in sun,  no 4g in my area for another year,  wont load my facebook lice unless I log onto my house wifi. Seems slower to open web. Also less memory and other tech stuff. It DOES have much longer lasting battery...anyways I decided I liked my Incredible 2 better & HTC menus better so I called Verizon & I should have one back tomorrow.  Not sure why they even sent me the Charge as I was told they had Incredible 2 in stock.....sorry this was so long but just wanted to give my feedback in case it could help. I think the battery port is an issue with this phone so lets hope 3rd time is a charm for me.....especially since I have about 15 covers and a bunch of screen protectors! FYI Amazon is the way to go...I never pay more than $5 a cover/case have even gotten a few for a penny-$3 shipping lol

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                        just wondering if anyone complaining here has ever heard if insurance it, covers everything but water damage as long as you have the phone. I guess that would just be to simple though

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                          pretty sure its a weak soder with the charging port, it happens on a lot of htc phones

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