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    Is this normal? Razr Maxx


      I just got my razr maxx last Thursday, and I am wondering if the battery on it is normal or there is something wrong with it. It's charged at 100%, and I take it off the charger and start using it with normal usage, after about 28 minutes the battery indicator changes to 90%, and then turns into 80% after 1 hour of usage. I am not running anything heavy, in fact I am constantly terminating background apps and tasks in an attempt to reduce battery usage. I thoguht this is razr Maxx with 3400mAH and it's suppose to outlast other android devices. Is there something wrong with my battery? Should I take it back to verizon and make them get me a new one since I am still in the 14 days warranty?

      I have not let the battery fall below 40% yet in my daily usage, therefore I have never really fully discharged it. Any thoughts?

      Here is breakdown of my usage today: 14h 3m 26s on battery. Current = 40%. (please note large amount of time is spent idling)

      Display 26% Time ON=2h41m31s

      Android OS 21% (53m27s)

      Wifi 12% (9h46m40s)

      Maps 11% (30s)

      Mediaserver 6% (13m47s)

      Phone IDLE 6% (11h23m54s)

      Cell Standby 5%(14h6m43s)

      Browser 4% (9m46s)

      Facebook 3% (14m2s)

      Android Systems 2% (10m2s)

      NOTE: Large amount of time was spent idling, but excluding idling, do you think it's normal?

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          Go to the Market an Get a App called Circle Battery it's a Free app but they have a Paid Version as Well once installed on your Home screen Take your Finger press lightly on the screen till you see Widgets pop When you do scroll up a bit an choose your size of your Circle. Once it's on the Screen tap it. It will take you to the Settings for it Follow the Instructions an it helps to watch the Video if there is one with in the app. But once it's all set up you can Tap it an then Scroll up to Information Touch either Battery or Battery Usage an it will tell you how an what is Consuming your Battery the most. From there you just need to do adjustment that will help give your Battery a little more time Say like you see the Display it shows 50 to 75% Ok what do you do to adjust it. This is what you would do. Go to your settings > Display > Enter there > from there you can trim your time out to Adjusting your Display's Brightness Mine is set to 15% an Auto Brightness is Unchecked. An the smart Actions App Can help a Bunch give it a Try. An the last thing i will Add is this Charge the Battery Fully about 3 to Hours it is a big Battery you can let it go an Hour or Two over that. I do that on mine an when it get's down to were it needs to be charged i prefer letting it go down to were the Red led indicator is Flashing then i put it on the Charger an i use Motorola Chargers the one that came in the Box Please Don't charge it from your Computer that's not a good choice... B33


          Xu701zero i read your post again stop trying to cancel those apps your doing more Harm than Good an if you Downloaded a Task killer Take it off Now...

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            I'm seeing many circle battery app, can you tell me the developer of the one you are speaking of? Thank you

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              give me a second >>> Ok the App is by Cedric Depoortere (( you can get it Free or for a $1.49

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                I forgot to mention, I am also running on full 4G LTE network ever since I got the phone. My area is very well covered by 4G LTE

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                  I 'll switch with you right now if you want I would like a big Cup of 4G right now! were i live it's just 3G i have to travel 35 miles to get the 4G Loveness but we'll have it in the Fall..

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                    One way I can think of which would possibly cause the battery to drain which would be normal would be if you were in an area which had no service and your phone was CONSTANTLY searching for service.


                    For example, my workplace does not receive cellular service. It is blocked by the building and equipment around my office. I can leave the phone on my desk in the morning at 100% battery charge and by noon, the battery would be dead. This would be with NO usage, and the screen never being on.  I can take the same 100% battery charge AWAY from my office, talk on the phone for a couple of hours, send/receive 50-100 text messages, read my Kindle book for an hour or two and still have well over 50% battery usage in the same amount of time.


                    Because of this, while my phone is sitting on my desk, I always have it in airplane mode. This way, when I leave my office and take the phone out of airplane mode, I have ~100% battery charge.

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                      B33, do you think there is something wrong with my battery though? Should I take it back to verizon and make them ship me a new one while I am still under the 14 days?

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                        How many days have you Had it

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                          I had it since Thursday, so 4 days?


                          PS NOTE; since I posted this, i'm now at 29% battery.

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