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    Stratosphere Screen


      I bought this new phone because my Droid was unusable (it would get HOT!!!). I had it all of two weeks when the screen cracked, randomly. I did not drop it, I did not chuck it across the room. Despite my best efforts to inform Verizon that I had not done anything to my brand new phone to destroy it, they informed me that it was my fault and that there was nothing they were going to do about it. I looked around on the web for a week and compiled a list of 50 complaints from other users with the same problem I had, spontaneous broken screen. They insisted that there was nothing that they were going to do about it.


      My biggest complaint is that I had SO many problems with my Droid getting hot and not working, that despite my better judgement I bought this new phone and re-upped my contract. I'm a little disappointed that I had anecdotal evidence and they still blamed me. Now I have my old ****** Droid to replace my brand new Stratosphere.

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          This hasn't happened to my Strat, but you're right, you're far from alone on this. You've probably seen the other threads on this forum about it. Many of them seem to have occurred after having the phone out in the cold. Was that the case with you? But there have been other reports of just random cracks as well. It is long past time for Samsung to step up to the plate on this. It's their device, and their fault. Did they get a bad batch of glass? Then they ought to hold their supplier responsible. Is there something in the design of the phone that puts extra strain on the glass? Then they ought to correct it, and replace the defective phones. There is no excuse for sweeping this under the rug and trying to blame each individual user. I haven't seen complaints like this for any other phone by any manufacturer.

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            I'm sorry to hear that you have the same problem I have. My phone was in my back pocket while I was vacuming the carpet. I didnt bend over or do anything to but any stress on the phone. But when I heard my phone ring, I went to answer it and the screen was blank. At first i thought I could just pull the battery out and then power up my phone. But while the phone was rebooting i noticed that there were very fine cracks in the screen. I only had my phone for about 2 or 3 weeks. and ofcourse VERIZON wont help no I have to spend the $100 dollars to get a replacement. Only reason I chose this phone was because it had the QWERTY keyboard.I hope you have been able to get your issue resolved. But Ive been without a phone for a month now. Verizon should put a little more concern into their customers and ofcourse never blame the customer. Especially if there has been multiple reports of problems with a certain type of phone.

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              Good morning!


              I understand your frustration revolving around your device. Is this the case of the phone being out in the cold for an extended period of time, as suggested by Dave? Is the crack appearing on the outside screen? Or is it cracked under the glass? That could tell us more about possible stress cracks.


              Samsung and Verizon Wireless puts the devices through a long list of tests to ensure a strong, reliable products for each customer.


              Please let me know more information so I and the community can assist further.


              Thank you!


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                I'm with you on this one.  My phone was working fine, then next time I tried to use it, the screen was malfunctioning.   They also told me it is my fault, and I have a $300+ charge for the pleasure.    This was after about 3 months.  (How are we supposed to get near the 2 year contract??)  As for the device being out in the cold, they need to advise people of that up front like McDonalds now does about the coffee being hot.  Although in that case it is expected, in the phone case it is not.   I suspect if a people knew that they would not have bought hte phone if they live anywhere in the northern part of the country.    Really ridiculous. 

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                  I also have had this problem.  Bought a Stratosphere in December, broken  screen four days later despite a hard case.  They said it was my fault and I would have to file an insurance claim, that cost me $100.  Now today I get the black screen again and see several cracks on the screen.  Phone was not dropped and it is still in the hard case.  Last week my  oldest son was eligible for an upgrade and we noticed that the Stratosphere was free with the upgrade.  I told him he should order it.  Tonight I told him to look for something else.  At this rate I will be spending $1000 on replacements before my 2 years are up.  We have 4 phones, all with data packs on our plan.  I guess this will be the last contract we use.  We have been loyal Verison customers for at least 12 years but they are selling a defective phone and not standing behind it. 

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                    Mine cracked yesterday and I can't for the life of me figure out what happened.  Its rarely in my pocket and spends its life in either the cup holder in the car, on my desk at the office, or on the counter at home.  Screen cracked in hte bottom left corner of the display.  VZ said that the damage is not repairable, my fault, and I'd have to use an upgrade on one of my other lines to replace it.  They also said that if I had the insurance, I'd still have to pay $150 for the deductable.  Absolutely crazy!  I've been with verizon for a little over 5 years this time around and well over 10-12 years total (took a few years off when the Nextel craze was going on) and between their non-competitve pricing and this fragile phone, I'm not sure if Verizon Wireless is right for me and my business anymore.  I'm paying well over $200 per month for 3 non-smart and 1 smart phones and when you compare the options, Verizon is just toooo expensive to continue using.  I really don't want to upgrade and have NEVER cracked a screen on ANY of my previous phones until now.  This is one of the reasons I really hesitated buying a touch screen but if you actually want a phone you can use (sorry crackberry users), you're choices are extremely limited.  Why can't they put a flip cover on these phones like they used to years ago?  I think a built in screen protector would eliminate a lot of the cracked screen issues.  Now I feel like I'm over a barrell with replacing my cracked screen stratosphere.  Any suggestions Verizon??? 

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