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    Droid RAZR Maxx no sound problems


      I recently had discovered that my new RAZR Maxx was not ringing for incoming calls. Then i noticed that the speakerphone had no sound, alerts weren't sounding, etc..After verifying everything was enabled in the sound settings, I decided to reset to factory defaults to rule out an app causing the issue, and presto...sound started working, Then 1 week later, same issue. Turns out I found several other folks in forums having the same issue and it appears to be a hardware problem. If you rub back and forth just below the speaker on the back side of the phone on the kevlar backing, the sound will return. You have to apply a little pressure, but to my amazement the sound returned. I've had to this twice in the past week and both times this fixed it, so i hope this will help you if your having the same problem. I called Verizon and they are shipping out a replacement which i'm hoping does not have the same feature.

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          Take a look at this from Ifixit  it's of the Razr  Tear Down..  It will gives some in site on the inner workings of the Razr Witch is the same as the Maxx Take a Look.. Here's the Link to Ifixit an below is the Link to Youtube on the Video of the Maxx Tear Down..






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            I also had the same issue with the speaker on the Razr Maxx.  If took 2 trips to the verizon store to get the issue resolved, but the verizon representative at the store on my second trip was very helpful and ordered another cell phone for me.  I am concerned that the work order indicated the replacement phone would be "like new".  The phone I had purchased was new and did not work properly.  Am I not getting another new phone instead of a used phone?  I didn't pay for a used phone, but it seems like that may be what I will end up with. 


            VERIZON, I ask that you reconsider if you haven't been replacing these faulty phones with new ones and that you start doing so.  After all that is what we had bought, new phones. 

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              Well i'm not up with that kind of thing as well an to me they should have kept it 30 days but i Guess an this goes against my Grain i will accept it an Go on..b33

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                12 year customer with Verizon here. Having the same problem with a month old Droid Razr Maxx. Push on the speaker and it works a little while, then stops again. There is an obvious connection problem and Verizon & Motorola are pretending to not be aware of it. Sent to Motorola with a description of the issue. They sent back stating that couldn't find a problem. Called Verizon. The only thing they are willing to do is send a refurbished phone. Infuriating! A 1 month old phone and they are going to send me an old refurb. Unacceptable.

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                  Well as upset i know you are this is what we Deal it's just like any thing We buy these days that goes to ****. Case in point My folks have a new 2011 Chevy extended Cab. That Truck in a year has had New new Seat cushions & covers , New Carpet the Glove Compartment Door Replaced and a New Steering Wheel. An were not at all Abusive to the pickup it just that the Materials that they use any more is Junk an it Breaks Down or Wears out in a Very short Time..And GM there not going to allow a Return...

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                    I am  having issue with sound also, however pressing on the area of the speak is not a solutions in my case. This is what I experience. I can be listing to music and then plug in an external speaker, the external speaker does not have any sound. I remove the cable from the audio jack and the phone plays with the phone speaker. The only way to get the external jack working again is to reboot. After a reboot, the external speaker works. This same scenario happens with Bluetooth, I get in my car the phone is connected to the car radio, I play music on the phone and no music from the car speakers. I reboot the phone and bingo sound over Bluetooth. There are other times when doing these things work just fine. I have not been able to establish a pattern. I would guess it has to do with some app on my phone. I have lots of apps, so its a long process to find the issue.  I know I can do a factor reset, but if you are like me that means quite a bit of work getting your phone all tweaked out again... The search for a solution continues.

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                      You Want to Plug the External speaker into the Maxx Before playing the Music there is a safety feature that Cuts it off. And make sure the speaker is Designed to be able to work with your Maxx before you go any Further! because if it's not it could cause Damage to the Maxx..b33

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                        Thank you for your reply, I have tried that as well, and sometimes it plays just fine other times it required a reboot of the phone and then it play fine. Shouldn't the safety feature cut off the speaker every time?


                        Curious, where would I find a list of approved speakers?


                        Also, please note this same behavior with Bluetooth.

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                          Here's a Good Place to Start: If shopping at Best Buy it's Best to talk to the Ones in the Cell phones Area as they will Know what best to Use with your Maxx..b33


                          Just Click on the Link and it will Show you a Good Selection of Everything for the Maxx including Speakers



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