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    change phone number in backup assistant


      Does anyone know how to change phone number in backup assistant. Bought a used lg env touch and the backup assistant dials the old phone number not my number. do i have to rese the phone ?

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          Did you activate the phone under your number? You might have to remove the backup assistant program or clear the data and reinstall/setup the backup assistant on the phone.

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              Hello harpiebird,


              Backup Assistant is an excellent app to use to transfer your contacts to your device! As Ann154 stated, you may have to uninstall the app from the phone then activate the device to your mobile number before reinstalling the app to the phone. This will help our network identify that a new mobile number is active on the phone and a new Backup Assistant account needs to be created or transferred to this phone. If you haven't done so already then may I ask that you activate the phone so you can uninstall the app and re-download it from the market. If you come to an unexpected error message or setting then please reply to this message for additional assistance.



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                I reactivated an old phone that I had previously on another number on my account.  When I tried to use back up assistant I had to call a Verizon rep so they could go in and identify the old number and remove that phone from that account (that is how it was explained to me)...anyway it was an easy quick call and it was fixed promptly.

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                  To reset go to your Media Center

                  Go to Browse & Download

                  Go into Backup Assistant

                  Go to Help, If Help is not an option you may need to type in the pin of the old backup assistant phone number and load their contacts. You can then delete these contacts and reopen Backup Assistant. You should then see the help option

                  When in Help you Hold down your phones camera button until a hidden menu is opened

                  Choose the option Reset signup data

                  When you reopen Backup Assistant it should now use your current number

                  Type in your pin which is usually the last 4 digits of your phone number

                  You are now fully operational partner