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    Verizon warranty


      Hello all,

      I bought a new Droid Razr from Verizon about 6 weeks ago. On the fourth week, I realized that the HeadPhone Jack does not work.  I took the phone in the Store; the Tech at the store tested and concluded that the phone was defected, and gave me a 1(866)-Number to call for a replacement.  He also told me that it was a defect phone, and Verizon will send me a new phone.


      I called the 1(866)-Number last Thursday.  The Tech Rep on the phone was very helpful; and said she will put in an order for a new phone for me.  I got the phone yesterday, 03/23/2012.  I opened the box, and realized that it was a certified used phone. 


      So, I called the 1(866)-Number back and met a Tech Rep, William, around 1836.  I explained the situation that I just bought a new/defect phone from Verizon, 6 weeks ago, and expected a new replacement phone; but I just got a certified used phone.  He told me that it is Verizon Policy and Contract Agreement that Verizon only replaces with certified used phone for replacement phone under warranty beyond the first 14 days, and assure me that it was in the contract agreement.  I expressed that it was not make any sense that I paid for a new phone, and Verizon sold me a defect phone, which I did not realize the defect until the fourth weeks because I did not use the function (listening to the music) later.  He insisted that it was in the contract agreement and Verizon was not going to send an new replacement phone; and he could not help me further. 


      I asked to speak with the supervisor, John - ID 83082.  I reiterated the situation with John.  John gave me a similar answer to William.  Once again, John repeated to me that under the Contract Agreement, Verizon only replaced defect phone under warranty with a certified used phone.  He also point out that the contract agreement was on my receipt when I purchased the phone.  I told him that I honestly did not read the contract agreement (how many of us do?!).  So I almost disgustedly accepted that I would have to accept this used phone even though I paid for the phone at the new price because I have signed the contract without reading it.  However, out of curiosity, I asked John to help and to point out to me that section of the warranty on the contract agreement.  He said sure; so we both went to Verizon Website under Customer Agreement.  John said it would take him sometime to read through the agreement.  I said that is fine, and I can wait.  After about a half an hours waiting patiently and reading through the agreement at the same time, John told me that he could not find anything on the contract agreement indicating that Verizon only replaced defect phone under warranty with certified used phone.  But John insisted that it is Verizon Policy to replace a defect phone with a certified used phone after the 14 days period.  I told John the policy may be Verizon's internal policy; but it was not on the customer agreement.  At this point, John switched over and said that he was confident that the first Tech Rep has informed me that she was going to send me a certified used phone not a new phone; and also advised me that if I want my existing phone to be fixed, or would like a new phone, I would have to call Motorola.  I said that Verizon sold me a defect phone; so I would come back to Verizon for a replacement first; and also asked about the warranty under Verizon.  John responded that Verizon's Warranty is a Certified Used Phone.  Now, John said that he will dig into further such as reviewing the tape recorder of the first Tech Rep to see whether she had informed that she would send me a Certified Used Phone, and will get back to me in a couple days.  At this point, we have been on the phone for 1.5 hours.  I also asked John whether our conversation has been recorded. He said Yes.


      I know it is a long post and thank you very much for reading it. 


      My Question is "do you know what is Verizon Warranty on a defect new phone? and if anyone has gotten a defect phone, what replacement phone Verizon has sent you?"

      I believe that I purchased a new phone, and paid with a "New Price"; but got a defect phone, I should entitle for a new replacement not a used phone.  Your thought? please.


      Thank you very much for your help, time and patient.

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          Replacements after the first 14 days are certified used replacement devices.  Your six week old phone is now a USED phone too.

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            Try filing a report with the BBB. I did this with the same issue with my Droid Razr 16GB. After about 3 weeks of the BBB talking with Verizon I was sent out a brand new Droid Razr maxx 32GB. You have to be stern with Verizon and not accept no for a awnser.

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              Good afternoon!


              I am sorry to learn that the headset jack on your device is not functioning properly. I understand how you could be frustrated by that unfortunate defect. Verizon Wireless provides a return/exchange period of 14 days where we can exchange your device if unsatisfied, after that time the manufacturer warranty continues to protect you in the event of hardware defects not caused by user error or physical damage. Verizon Wireless' role in the warranty process is to provide a Certified Like-New Replacement device of the same make and model on behalf of the manufacturer. This process is put in place in agreement between Verizon Wireless and each manufacturer to eliminate a situation where you are left without a phone, as the standard process is to ship the device to the manufacturer for repair. The repair process can take 4-8 weeks and for the safely and the peace of mind of our customers, we replace the phone instead. I assure you that the certified like-new devices go through a 100-point inspection and the same amount quality control as a brand new device.


              You are correct about our Customer Agreement, it does not make a statement that a "like-new", as it previously defined, nor a "brand new" device will be used in exchange on your device in a warranty situation. However, it does state that we do not make any warranty claim of our own. We do not hold the warranty on the device, but rather the manufacturer.


              I am happy to assist you with a warranty exchange if you are still in need of assistance. Please direct message me if necessary.


              Thank you,


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                I think the people at the stores need to not only acknowledge that YES the phone is defective, but then stop telling people they should get a "new" phone.  Or maybe clearly define "new"  yes, it is new because it is different, but it is not New out of the box.  If the store would have explained the process from the onset, the 1.5 hour call could have been avoided and the customer would have been educated from the begining....  my .02c

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                  I am absolutely no help to you in this matter, but greatly sympathize with you & your dilema. After approximately 3 months of normal, non abuse or dropping of any kind, my Droid X had froze on the home screen. No matter what I did, I could not correct the issue. The Verizon retail store told me the only way to help me was to sell me another phone & add $10 more monthly to my account. I was fine with that, but somewhat frustrated. As I believe your issue was that there may be 2 prices available for your device at the time. You paid for a new device, but received a defective unit. You did not pay for the previously owned device, but rather paid for a new device in correct working order. Sorry to hear of your misadventures with Verizon. I was out of the country for a few weeks in January & told by a gentleman at the international division that all I had to pay was the shipping charges to my door. Unfortunately there were other charges on my bill associated with being on an international plan. I wish all the associates on the phone really knew what were talking about. Maybe contact the BBB as another user here suggested. Good luck to you.

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                    Hello All,

                    Thank you so very much for your time, thoughts and supports.  I would like to provide an update on the issue since my last post, and hopeful that Adam may provide better assistances.


                    At the end of my phone conversation with John, I asked him what I should do with the certified used phone in the mean time because I concern the if I do not send a phone, either the certified used phone or my existing phone within 5 days, Verizon will charge me the cost of the phone.  John assured me that he will make a note of it.  And the five days period will not start until John calls me back in a couple days (he indicated it would be Sunday or Monday).  At this point, I have began to loose trust in John. 

                    Thus, on March 24th, 2012, I went back to the local store (530 Southeast 192nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA), and asked a Rep, Janice, at the store to make a note that I have contacted the Tech Rep on March 23, 2012 and would like her to check or make a note on my file that the five days period does not start until the Rep, John, resolves the issue.  Janice informed me that her local branch system could not access the corporate system; but she was happy to call the 1(866)-number to talk to the Corporate Rep. She called the Corporate Rep.  The Corporate Rep essentially told us that she saw a note from the Supervisor saying “No new replacement ordered & no further action required” or something at that nature.  She tried to convince us that I need to buy an insurance to get a replacement.  The Tech Janice tried to correct her that the phone is still under warranty, and that was not the reason we called.  We just wanted to call and confirm that the five days return period will not start until John called and resolved the issues.  The Corporate Rep was so rude that the Store Rep, Janice, advised her to take a training again and hang up the phone. Janice did make a note in her local store system saying the Corporate Rep. was not helpful and was rude.  So Janice said there was not much more her store can do for me, and sent us to a nearby Corporate Store after 20 minutes at this store. I went to the Corporate Store, 1125 Southeast 163rd Place #101, Vancouver, WA.  A Rep, Lisa, listened to my story, tested the phone, concluded that the phone is defect and her store could not be any more help, and advised us to call the 1(866)-number back and try to get a different supervisor.  Lisa also assured me that If I don't send the phone back within 5 days, Verizon will charge us; but as long as I send a phone back with 90 days, Verizon will refund us in full amount.  She said she will note that on our account.  So Lisa sent me home after 45 minutes at the corporate store.


                    So today is March 28, 2012.  Five day after my initial conversation with Supervisor John, John has not called me back.  Not knowing what to do next, I have shared my story with BBB.


                    Adam, what would you advise me to do now? what may you do to help me, please?



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                      Hello Adam,

                      Thank you very much for following up with the issue.  Please read my updated post for further information.

                      I would greatly appreciate if you may provide me with some instruction and help.



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                        Hello Adam,You may contact me and we can discuss the issue further.Thanks,Khoa

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                          Check the manufactures warranty on just any any electronic product ever made


                          If you dont want a refurb, send your phone off to moto and get your phone back after they fix it

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