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    Re-print return shipping label?


      I called VZ CSR and was advised that I can re-print a return shipping label from the website but I cannot find it anywhere on the site. The search bar was useless and did not provide any answers. Please advise.

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          Hello DaveEastley,


          I am sorry for any difficulties in printing a return label from the website. I can assist you with the steps on how to do this.

          Browse www.verizonwireless.com/printreturnlabel then enter you My Verizon user ID and password to access the Order History page or do following:

          1.   Sign in to My Verizon

          Locate the I Want To... section.


          Click More Actions.

          1.   In the BILL column, select View Order History. The Order History page displays. Note 


          2. Click the image72.gif to expand an order. A check box displays by each entry except when:


          •   A return label was previously generated for the entry. 
          • There is only one entry (piece of equipment) on the order.

          1.   Select all items to return with this label as needed. Note 
          2. If you are shipping from a different address than listed under Order Information, click Edit Ship From Address and do the following:


          •   Change any of these fields - Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number and/or Email.

          The Reset button defaults the address to the Billing System Address.

          •   Click Save.
          1.   Click Print Return Label. A PDF file opens with the label which the customer can print; the following display in My Verizon:
          •   A confirmation message 
          • Date Label Printed

          • Tracking Number

          An auto-remark displays the tracking number in the billing system.

          1.   Repeat from step 5 to print labels from other orders as desired.


          I trust this information is helpful for you. Have a great day!


          Christina B

          VZW Support

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            yeah me too and the customer sevrice is no help at all

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              hello I need to print the return label that was not in the box and the label picture does not show or not view able

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                We can look into that for you kdkmurated! Is it possible that you are signing in under an end user login instead of the account holder login? If you're signed in as the account holder, and you're still not able to print, please Direct Message me ( MikeS_VZW ) with your phone number and I'll call you to get one shipped out. You may also call 800-922-0204 for assistance in getting a new one sent to you.

                Keep us posted!

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                  hi. can u help me with printing the new return label? I logged on and followed the steps that was said above but was not able to view it after clicking print return label. I tried doing it again but the print return label button does not show. how could i gain access to a new return label? and i know i have to return the phone within 5 days of receiving it but i didnt have any power due to hurricane sandy and could not access internet to try and print the return label till today should i call the customer service and let them know to avoid any charges? thanks!

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Good afternoon kdeguzman!

                    I see you posted over 10 days ago. I apologize for the delay in response. Have you been able to retrieve the shipping label? If not, please follow me, VanessaS_VZW, and send me a Direct Message with your mobile number so I can get a label to you as soon as possible.


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                      Hi I need a return lable to return Samsung S4 would you pls. help either to print OR send me a lable. I was assured I will be able to print at home but there is no way one can do it


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                        This isn't Customer Service, it's a customer-to-customer forum.  You'd need to contact Customer Service if you need them to send a shipping label.


                        Customer Service:

                        Dial *611 from a cell phone

                        (800) 922-0204 from a landline

                        Monday - Sunday 6 am - 11 pm